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Feel the power of Fortador. New opportunities are provided by one of the best Diesel Hybrid Burners made by Lamborghini Caloreclima and will make your work fast
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Added on 14 November 2022
How to eliminate smoke smell from house fortador-usa.com Learn more how to eliminate and reduce smokers smell into your hoyse Author: Kristina Tretyakova...

Added on 10 November 2022

Hotel Room Cleaning Checklist | Fortador

Housekeeping staff members are the ones that make sure that the first impression of the hotel or resort is positive. Their job is to make sure that all evidence of previous occupants is gone to make the hotel room not feel used for the new guests. To do so, the cleaning staff need to know necessary cleaning procedures that will make it easier to figure out how to efficiently clean.
Hospitality cleaning | Sanitation in hotel industry fortador-usa.com Learn more about organizing cleaning in hotels efficiently Author: Kristina Tretyakova...

Added on 09 November 2022

Choose Best Housekeeping Procedures In Hotels | Fortador

In most hotels, the room attendant’s shift begins by reporting into the Supervisor or Executive Housekeeper. You will be briefed on details of the day’s events or special tasks, and will be issued with room assignments or allocations, room status reports, keys/keycards. For security reasons, keys or cards to rooms or signed out at the beginning of each shift and signed in at the end of each shift.
Hotel housekeeping procedures | Nine steps of hotel room cleaning fortador-usa.com Learn more about efficient hotel housekeeping and hotel room cleaaning Author: Sabrina Tretyakova...

Added on 04 November 2022
Top Advice To Keeping Your House During Holidays | Fortador

Steam cleaning has proven to clean better than any other tool a homeowner might have. Certain steam cleaners can be used to clean anything from floors to kitchen appliances and upholstery. We recommend investing in the Fortador Volt Mini which comes with a steam mop and various gun attachments for different surfaces to make sure your guests come to a clean home.


Efficient holiday cleaning | Holiday cleaning tips fortador-usa.com Learn more how to clean your home for holiday Author: Sabrina Tretyakova...

Added on 29 October 2022
Top Diesel Steam Cleaner | Fortador

Feel the power of Fortador. New opportunities arise along with one of the best Diesel Hybrid Burners made by Lamborghini. It is all to make your work faster and more efficient. Our steam machines are the black horses of the global market, being the most frequent choice of the professionals. Innovative designs and parameters which do not compromise. Steam cleaner has never been made easier.