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EMS fitness training and workout


Electro-fitness is recommended for people who want to lose weight, reduce cellulite, tone up body muscles, gain muscular mass, improve strength and endurance, and increase the fitness and physical conditioning level in the case of elite sports, as well as for those who suffer the sarcopenia condition.

Electro-fitness is increasingly popular method of training that combines active gymnastics with muscle electro-stimulation impulses, getting an intense workout similar to another type of anaerobic training, but considerably saving time and energy.

After a month of regular EMS training, you’ll be able to become slimmer and lose over 5 kg of weight, which will allow you to abandon your current size and start wearing clothes that are 2 sizes smaller. Excess weight will leave you without any changes to your skin such as sagging or lack of muscle tone. One training session allows burning around 500 calories, and 2,000 calories will be burned after the workout. 10 training sessions will make your waist 6.5 cm thinner, while your hips will lose about 1.5 cm.