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    The Polypropylene Strapping Band is a heavy-duty cross-strap bandage with a non-slip, self-retention strap that holds dressings and other bandages securely in place while you work. It's available in a variety of widths and materials. In our mill, we offer you strapping bands. Our company produces the strapping band using the most modern equipment, to meet the modern requirements for strength and durability. As well as that, later on, we can produce any required length and width of the product,

    Added on 04 April 2022
    FIPCO is a leading Jumbo Bags Manufacturer. We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying jumbo bags that can be ordered at market-leading prices. Our range is used in various industries like cement, fertilizer, chemicals, and others. In addition to this, we also develop customized products as per the clients' specifications.
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    Strapping Band fipco.com.sa Strapping BandPolypropylene (PP) & Polyethylene terephthalate (PET).It is highly resistant, has a limited elongation capacity and is therefore an alternative to...

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    As a packing material manufacturer, we specialize in designing and manufacturing heavy-duty shipping cartons. We can supply custom-designed packing materials for any product. Our packing materials are lightweight and sized to fit in the overhead bin of major airlines, or pop easily onto a train or into a car. Perfect for longer trips, its interior compression system and hidden laundry bag make it easy to pack. With a durable polycarbonate hard shell and 360° spinner wheels that ensure a smooth

    Added on 16 February 2022
    We’re the leading jumbo bag manufacturers and suppliers in Saudi Arabia. We are a manufacturer of jumbo bags and offer big bags, also known as FIBC, Jumbo Bags, or Big Bags/Bulk Bags. We have been catering to a diverse range of industries for over a decade now and have built a wide vertical supply chain by having strategic alliances with renowned jumbo bag manufacturers and suppliers.
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    The FIPCO PET Strapping Band is a synthetic, polypropylene strapping band that can be easily combined with other straps. It is resistant to corrosion, extra durable and exceptionally flexible. The strapping band is available in a wide range of sizes, from 9 mm to 25 mm in width and from 0.60 mm to 1.4 mm in thickness. The 9-mm-wide FIPCO PET Strapping Band, for example, weighs only 22 g per meter. For more information about our strapping system, please visit

    Added on 21 January 2022
    FIPCO produces high-quality Bulk Bags For Sale that come in different sizes. We have been a leader in the industry since our founding in 1940. FIPCO has built its success on having a reliable, cost-effective workforce and giving our customers the benefit of vertical integration for consistency and reliability.
    Jumbo bag fipco.com.sa JUMBO BAG / BIG BAG The amazing packing concept During the last 25 years, the use of flexible intermediate Bulk Containers increased considerably. The main reas...

    Added on 11 January 2022
    FIPCO is a well-known Jumbo Bags Manufacturer. Our heavy-duty jumbo bags are ideal for supermarket stores and have reinforced handles to make lifting easier. Our high-volume jumbo bags feature a sturdy design and can store up to 50 gallons, making them ideal for storing huge amounts of supplies and items.
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    FIPCO is proud to present our line of polyethylene jumbo bags. We offer a wide selection of polyethylene jumbo bags, allowing you to select the best option for your needs. FIPCO is a leading Jumbo Bags Manufacturer. Our heavy-duty jumbo bags are perfect for grocery stores and come with reinforced handles for easy lifting. Our high-volume jumbo bags can hold up to 50 gallons and have durable construction, perfect for storing large amounts of materials and goods . 

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    Jumbo bag fipco.com.sa JUMBO BAG / BIG BAG The amazing packing concept During the last 25 years, the use of flexible intermediate Bulk Containers increased considerably. The main reas...