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    Added on 04 November 2017
    Current Bank Accounts
    Open your current accounts in equity bank and get financial solutions are designed to give you more control over your banking without any monthly charges.

    Added on 04 November 2017
    Student Bank Accounts
    The Equity bank offers best student bank accounts Compare and find the account with the available best rates and features such as Free HELB processing, No opening balance, Visa debit/ MasterCard card, no maintaining balance etc.

    Added on 04 November 2017
    Personal Bank Account
    Open a personal account in Kenya with Equity Bank, choose a type of personal bank account that suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of personal banking.

    Added on 04 November 2017
    Campus Card
    The campus prepaid card will help the students to reduce the risks involved in handling cash and embrace e- payment platform during transactions.

    Added on 04 November 2017
    Payment Services
    Equity bank offers a safe and secure credit card processing platform that enables customers to shop online and payments by using fast payment services such as credit cards, mobile money, bank transfers, prepaid card, debit card, digital banking etc.

    Added on 24 October 2017
    Corporate Banking
    The Equity bank offers various corporate banking products specifically customized to meet the needs of Corporates and Institutions. This facilitates to payments in real-time, Significant Time saving, Easy to Use, 24/7 access(access any time), Credit Arrangements etc.

    Added on 24 October 2017
    Paypal Money Withdraw
    To withdraw your money from Paypal account to your bank account is possible in Kenya with Equity Bank groups.This services are allow to Kenyan PayPal account holders.

    Added on 24 October 2017
    Digital Banking in Kenya
    Internet Banking platform of Equity bank is very easy to use, secure and absolutely free also. User can manage his bank account and access fast at anywhere anytime.

    Added on 24 October 2017
    T-Bills Trading
    Equity Bank of Kenya statistics on Treasury bills, including average treasury bill rates and treasury bill auction results. We provide services to investors in these Government Securities from our branches.

    Added on 24 October 2017
    Western Union Money Transfer
    Transfer Money involves the sending and receiving to almost any country with Equity bank groups. It is a fast, safe, easy, reliable and convenient way for sending and receiving money wihthin few seconds.