Added on 05 July
    There is a group of learners whose first language is not English and who need additional resources in order to improve their English proficiency. EmasUK has created a range of new EAL resources. We have detailed information on our website.

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    Eal Resources emasuk.com Eal Resources Exclusive EAL/ESL Service For The Schools  EMAS UK is a well-regarded EAL (English as an Additional Language) resource with proven success in schools. Our award-winning EAL online digital products that speak aloud in their home language are among the most effective ways to communicate with students and parents. Combined with our re...

    Added on 02 July
    The English as an Additional Language Resources is all about providing support to children who speak a language other than English as their first language. EAL games, activities, worksheets, packs and guidance documents have been developed in such a way that learning the English language does not seem to be a daunting process. We at EmasUK provide you with the best of everything.

    Added on 24 June
    Our EAL Support Resources are designed for EAL learners, enabling you to learn English in the quickest and most effective way. We have carefully selected lessons, activities, and video content that will help you improve your listening, speaking, and reading skills. With our carefully vetted English teachers, all videos are professionally recorded and delivered by native speakers who know how to listen in order to understand correctly. Visit our website to get these resources https://emasuk.com/

    Added on 17 June
    At EmasUK we provide a wide range of resources for EAL children. If you are an EAL parent and your child does not know the English language well but is proficient in his/her own mother tongue or another language, then EmasUK can help. We have a team of professionals who will guide your child through their journey with our EAL resources like English learning apps and books.
    Reach out to us and get these resources https://emasuk.com

    Added on 02 June
    EmasUK is a digital publisher of EAL resources that aims to allow learners of English as a second language to advance by just spending hours with the language. We have lots of interactive EAL materials such as storybooks, worksheets, pictures, and videos. Our web portal contains lots of interactive EAL materials. Visit us at https://emasuk.com/

    Added on 25 May
    Welcome to EmasUK, where we are passionate about early years education. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality resources at an affordable price. That's why our company offers a wide variety of EAL Resources for primary schools.
    Visit our website and know everything in detail https://emasuk.com/product-category/eal-books/primary-resource-eal-esl-dual-language-books-schools

    Added on 19 May
    Are you looking for EAL support resources? We at EmasUK aim to provide quality, fun and friendly services to all teachers and students around the world. We have organized many EAL support resources which will help you learn English quickly and easily. Are you looking for Live English tutors, online lessons or videos? Come visit us at http://www.emasuk.com today!

    Added on 12 May
    EmasUK is an award-winning supplier of early years resources and teaching aids for primary schools. We have a wide range of EAL Resources for primary schools that are used by teachers throughout the UK. We believe every child deserves access to high-quality resources at an affordable price, which is why we have come up with a wide range of affordable EAL resources for your school. Visit our website and get these resources https://emasuk.com/product-category/eal-books/primary-resource-eal-esl-dual-language-books-schools

    Added on 04 May
    EmasUK was founded to help all students who speak a language other than English as their first language. We have over ten years of experience in providing schools with great EAL resources for primary schools and support for children who are learning to speak English as an additional language.
    Visit us at https://emasuk.com/product-category/eal-books/primary-resource-eal-esl-dual-language-books-schools

    Added on 21 April
    EAL Resources will help you make learning a fun experience for kids. Since we provide interactive and informative EAL resources online, you no longer need to worry about how a parent can support their child in English learning. We at EmasUk provide the best educational resources that are easily accessible to any parent or teacher. For details, visit our site today!