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أنا Eloisa ، مستشار مقيم يتمتع بخلفية شاملة في تقديم الدعم والتوجيه ، وتنظيم وإدارة الأحداث والأنشطة المختلفة لنا More
Shared on 09 September 2022
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Shared on 09 September 2022
Project Management for Your Story Coming VERY SOON! youtube.com Ideas are easy, but writing a book is hard. Charlii is a project management software that makes the process easy, with built-in tools and writing tips that h......

Shared on 09 September 2022
Does Your Book’s Emotional Payoff Stink?

Readers love to feel something when they read. Happiness, sadness, fear, excitement, a sense of danger, and so on. Think about the last book you read. What did that book make you feel? I bet you just recalled a very vivid part of the story, the part that triggered an emotional response in you.
Does Your Book’s Emotional Payoff Stink? charliiapp.com As an author, it’s important to try to evoke the correct emotion in your reader and lead them toward that satisfying emotional payoff....