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I am working as a Business Development manager and my role is to build strong business relations and provide our extensive services worldwide to help businesses
  • Business Development Manager at Cogneesol
  • 30 wall street, 8th floor, new york


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Added on 07 April 2020
Outsourcing insurance back-office services has become popular over the years across the insurance industry. Do you want to know how these services actually help? Read this blog post:
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How effective is insurance back-office services for insurers? snip.ly Number of significant changes are observed in the insurance sector in the current volatile & complex business environment. Regularly…

Added on 27 February 2020
Looking for expert assistance to manage the back-office process of your insurance agency? We are at your service! Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or +1 646 688 2821

Added on 17 January 2020
Looking for an expert to handle your insurance back-office workload? We, at Cogneesol, will keep your back-office processes streamlined and assist you in increasing your profits. Contact us today!
[email protected] or +1 646 688 2821
Build a better insurance business with Outsourcing services youtu.be Why hire a single in-house professional when you have an option to get assistance from a team of full expertise? Streamline your insurance back-office proces...

Added on 14 January 2020
Effective Ways to Use “Sign In” For Your Agency to Sell More Insurance.pdf docdroid.net Effective ways to Use“Sign in” For Your Insurance Agency to Increase Sales. Consumers, nowadays prefer social media platforms for recommendations, shop thro...

Added on 24 December 2019
Mobile technology is the most dominating entity among other technologies. The efficient use of mobile technology enables insurance carriers to truly transform the experience of customers, producers, and employees while driving profitable growth and increasing operational efficiencies. https://youtu.be/yFHZq2I-OLs
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8 Ways How Smartphones are Transforming the Insurance Industry youtu.be The development and use of smartphones within the insurance processes are having a transformative effect on the entire insurance sector and are increasingly ...

Added on 20 December 2019
Want to reach your target audience to steer the growth of your insurance business? Here’s the article sharing how using social media platforms, you can excel in this dynamic market.

Added on 13 December 2019
Check out this video to get some tips to choose the right advertising method & brush up your insurance business sales revenue.
Ways to Choose the Right Advertising Method for Your Insurance Business! youtube.com Insurers need to have the right advertising strategy in place to reach their target audience. In this video get to know how to choose the right advertising s...

Added on 25 October 2019
Changing Customer Lifestyles- Driving Insurance Regulations & Innovation!
Insurance Industry -Moving Innovation from Concept to Precept edocr.com Insurance regulations come into play with changing customer trends & demands. Read on to gain valuable insights into how insurers tackle the same with innov...

Added on 14 August 2019
Using the right way to mange finances is an essential component to the business’ success. The following tips and practices can be utilized to make your finance & accounting process as efficient as possible, thereby saving you time and money:

Added on 09 August 2019
Establishing an effective invoice processing strategy is a crucial part of running a successful business. A streamlined and efficient invoice processing also positively impacts other business operations and keeps your workflow tuned. Go through this PPT for more details:
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How Can Effective Invoice Processing Change the Way Your Business Runs? scribd.com Effective invoice processing and competent accounts receivable methods lead to prompt and huge success. Outsourcing services of accounting and billing for invoi...