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    Passionate Blogger and Content creator for my own blog.
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    Passionate Blogger and Content creator for my own blog.


    Healthcare member engagement
    Medicare advantage marketing
    Healthcare member engagement platform
    Healthcare marketing automation
    Medicare member engagement
    Medicare marketing automation
    Healthcare member experience
    Medicare member experience pl


    Insightin Health’s patented platform centralizes member activities and delivers automated and personalized preventative actions for healthcare journey. Relevant information regarding a member’s path to enrollment and engagement becomes accessible in real-time.

    Insightin Health is a data driven decision making technology that connects industry experienced marketing strategy and technology to provide a result driven engagement platform for our healthcare clients. We deliver differentiated ROI-driven solutions for Health Plans in member acquisition, retention, and engagement. We cover all channels for our engagement optimization- direct to consumer, distribution (FMO/Broker). Our team's unique experience covering campaigns and strategies across the engagement spectrum enables our clients to understand the whole landscape from an enterprise level, down to an individual member. Our cloud based HIPAA compliant big data analytic platform leverages both machine learning and advanced predictive modelling to deliver improved engagements and healthier population.