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    Added on 06 November 2019

    iPhone Screen Protectors - Why They're Better Than A Case

    06 November 2019

    When you look for an iPhone screen protector what are you actually looking for?

    Two things spring to mind...

    You want something to protect your screen from damage

    You want something to individualize your iPhone

    In both of those instances an actual iPhone screen protector is much better than a case and here's why...


    The thing you most want to protect on your phone is your screen. This is the part you look at the most and spend the most time utilising due to to touch-screen technology.

    A film of specialized protection lies so close to the screen that nothing can get to it. A case on the other hand is so easily removable that dust, grit and dirt will definitely get inside it and quite possibly damage your screen.

    Small pieces of grit will scratch your phone as badly as a fork running across the screen and it will be far less obvious until its too late. Now this won't happen with every case but it's a risk I wouldn't want to take.


    Everyone wants to have the best looking handset, it's part of having an iPhone. They come in different colors, but most are black and they all look the same. In order to individualize your iPhone there is no better way than to use a skin.

    Skins come in hundreds of varieties and an almost limitless amount of pictures/designs are possible because aside from just the in-stock skins certain companies will even make them with designs that you upload to their websites.

    Many companies manufacture iPhone screen protector [https://www.nehawireless.com] but only one does it right. Neha Wireless also have an awesome range of iPhone skins [https://www.nehawireless.com/cell-phone-repair-jonesboro/], along with a service allowing you to customize yours.


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