Anand kumar dubey

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Software Test Engineer with 2 years of exposure in a Manual testing environment and recent experience in Database testing
  • Software Test Engineer & QA Analyst in iShore Software
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Experienced Quality Assurance Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Software Testing, Java, SQL, Manual Testing. Strong quality More
Added on 25 January 2019
जीवन अनुमान नहीं है
और न ही विश्वसनीय
हर जगह रहस्य है
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Added on 24 January 2019
Celebrate your rejections, channelize your energy!!!!! May be your thing is different... May be you should try somewhere else, something else, where you fit better

Added on 24 January 2019
College friends. Work friends. Best friends. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. we all learn that "it takes a friend to make a friend," through adulthood

Added on 23 January 2019
Don't care for your critical resource Also let's become a critical resource for the organisation.!

Added on 22 January 2019
Motivational Inspirational | Anand Kumar Dubey anandkdubeybettiah.blogspot.com कृतज्ञता और विनम्रता ... एक सफल मानसिकता विकसित करने में महत्व...

Added on 22 January 2019
“Perfect Planing ‘Exact Result “Without wasting time No planing ,Only efforts no results” Work on Plan , “Don’t work on Work”

Added on 10 January 2019
"Leadership is not a position" "Leadership is not a position or a title,it is action and example.”