Dr. O.A. Mahipal

    Dr. O.A Mahipal is a skin specialist (Dermatologist) who is renowned for the effective and efficient treatments.
    • Consultant, Dermatologist and Skin Specialist
    Added on 08 January 2019
    Dr. O A Mahipal Dermatologist in Dharwad droamahipal.com Dr. O.A. Mahipal is Skin specialist of Hair Loss treatment, Erectile Dysfunction treatment, Skin Disease Treatment, Mohs Surgery, Mole Diagnosis, Consultant Der... .... read more


    Dr. O.A. Mahipal Skin clinic is a well-known and renowned skin specialist clinic in the city of Dharwad. Located at the heart of the city, it is an advanced skin clinic with all the modern amenities and More
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