Dr. O.A. Mahipal

    Dr. O.A Mahipal is a skin specialist (Dermatologist) who is renowned for the effective and efficient treatments.
    • Consultant, Dermatologist and Skin Specialist
    Added on 27 December 2018
    #Botulinum #toxins are used by #dermatologists for solving various problems. The source for Botulinum toxin or Botox is bacteria. The main aim of this treatment is to reduce #wrinkles. Depending on how it is #injected or inserted into the body, it reduces sweating and also improves your facial appearance. Contact Dr. O.A. Mahipal for more information. http://www.droamahipal.com/


    Dr. O.A. Mahipal Skin clinic is a well-known and renowned skin specialist clinic in the city of Dharwad. Located at the heart of the city, it is an advanced skin clinic with all the modern amenities and More
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