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  • 5126 Dundas St W Toronto
Dreamhug is the top rated brand of Canada that sells high quality weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are surging in popularity thanks to their ability.
  • 5126 Dundas St W Toronto
Added on 26 September 2019
Shop the high-quality Weighted Blankets at an affordable price with Dreamhug!

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Added on 30 August 2019
Are you searching for the Weighted Blankets in Canada? Stop your search now and shop with Dreamhug. We provide high-quality weighted blankets at an affordable price. For more details, visit our website 👉 https://dreamhug.ca/

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Added on 26 July 2019
If you are planning to buy a Weighted Blanket for kids at a reasonable price then Dreamhug is the right option for you!!
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Added on 21 June 2019
Learn the health benefits of weighted blanket at Dreamhug. You may be wondering if weighted blankets really do anything for anxiety.

Added on 10 June 2019
Looking to buy a weighted blanket? Order weighted blanket from Dreamhug for sleep, stress and anxiety. Weighted blankets are becoming a trendy way to release stress and snooze more soundly. call us at 647 963 0386.

Added on 16 May 2019
A weighted blanket helps to reduce #Stress and increase relaxation. It has been known to help people with various conditions such as #Autism, #Anxiety, #Insomnia, stress, and other mental health problems. https://bit.ly/2yJCt0P

Added on 13 May 2019
Buy a large weighted blanket for couples in double or queen sizes. The body is capable of relaxation effectively which improves your everyday mood. This promotes a healthy heart rate and circulate and promotes happiness and well-being. Click to know more.
DreamHug™ Large: The Weighted Blanket for Couples dreamhug.ca Buy Large Weighted Blanket Online For Couples & improve your everyday mood. We deliver the the best Weighted Blankets in Canada. Visit us at Dreamhug to shop no...

Added on 03 May 2019
If you are facing sleeping problem, then contact Dreamhug and buy a Weighted Blanket an affordable price. This blanket help you sleep better, or improve your mental health? we have vast collection of blankets with wide colors, weights, sizes and pattern etc as per your needs. To know more contact us at 647 963 0386

Added on 27 February 2019
Shop this amazing weighted blanket at affordable price from Dreamhug. This blanket is guaranteed to improve your mood and quality of sleep. Shop today!

Added on 19 February 2019
Buy amazing weighted blankets online at Dreamhug, that can be safely used by kids and adults with sleep and anxiety problems. We have a great collection of blankets with a wide range of colors, weights, sizes and pattern etc as per your requirements. Check out our weighted blanket collection now!
DreamHug™: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Stress and Anxiety dreamhug.ca DreamHug™ evenly distributes deep pressure across your body using a superior level, density blanket. Designed to weigh 8 - 12% of your body mass, DreamHug™ ...