Dr Debi Prasad Acharjya

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D.Hon., B.Sc.(Gold), Diploma in Cellular Nutrition Therapy
  • Author & Wellness Coach
  • Kolkata
Added on 04 May 2020

Quantum Leap to Success - The Science of Motivation


"Is success just a philosophy or is it just a way of thinking that cannot be substantiated by science?" I can tell you the answer: that it is pure science which can definitely be substantiated by science. In fact, neuroscience research has revealed that our brain releases certain chemicals that affect our motivation towards success. They are triggered by specific types of events or situations in our lives, and cause us to respond accordingly, motivating us toward our goals. We can call them the "success chemicals." A study showed that people who experience more positive emotions are more likely to succeed. Frequently activating the success chemicals in our brains will propel us to start achieving our goals, which inevitably leads to a ripple winning effect that magnifies our accomplishments in life. With the right balance of these four neurochemicals, there is really nothing you need to fear. They are essential to helping us tide over the worst of times; even cancer cannot beat them! In order to maintain that positive state of mind, you must always remember to put the neuroscience hacks in this booklet to good use. Nature has given you everything you need to achieve success and everything you desire in life. All you have to do now is utilize those tools to their maximum benefit. No one else can do it for you.


Dr. Acharjya has been speaking on health and wellness for nearly a decade and believes that everyone deserves to reach beyond their desired level of success. His mission is Holistic Wellness at the global More
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