Dr Debi Prasad Acharjya

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D.Hon., B.Sc.(Gold), Diploma in Cellular Nutrition Therapy
  • Author & Wellness Coach
  • Kolkata
Added on 04 May 2020

The Journey from Illness to Wellness (I to WE)

Renew, Rejuvenate, Revitalize and Revive (Wellness Guide for a Joyful Living) Kindle Edition

Are you ready to transform your current thoughts, beliefs and assumptions? Are you ready to optimize your health and energy, amplify your physical strength and create outrageous results in every single area of your life?

Humans possess an innate self-healing potential, an ‘inner wisdom of the body’. Accessing this self-healing system is the primary goal of the healing arts. And addressing the cause of any illness is the first step towards accessing the body’s own healing potential.

Too much health emphasis today is on the magic bullets (introduced every other day) to fix sickness. Even with drugs, the body does the healing. The medical profession will openly admit that they do not have a cure for any autoimmune disease and can only treat to offer relief to victims.

Which is why natural, non-pharmaceutical measures should generally be the first approach - not the last resort!

Both in the Indian system of Ayurveda and even in modern medicine, there have been attempts to stress the role of the mind in disease. William Harvey so graphically described the role of the mind in disease when he wrote in 1648 AD, “When in anger, the pupils contract, in infamy and shame, the cheeks blush, in lust does the member gets distended and erected in no time!”


Dr. Acharjya has been speaking on health and wellness for nearly a decade and believes that everyone deserves to reach beyond their desired level of success. His mission is Holistic Wellness at the global More
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