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    DKM Group is one of the pioneer organization of India We Provide Customized Payroll Solutions, Retiral Benefits schemes and Counsultancy at Dkm online
    Added on 25 August 2017
    A multinational company is an organization that masters production of services and goods within countries other than the base country where the company is from. The main functions of MNCs are:-
    Export & Import of Goods.
    Purchasing & Selling of Licenses.
    Assembly operations in foreign countries.
    Providing and discovering manufacturing services.
    Making significant, wise and profitable investments.

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    Added on 05 May 2017
    DKM Group is one of the pioneer organization of India that ventured into early outsourcing model for payroll and retrial benefits and established DKM Online as the preferred outsourcing entity for some of the most popular International
    brands, Pepsi, Motorola, Nestle, Gillette etc to name a few. Currently, we are serving more than 350+ companies on Pan India basis.