Added on 30 July 2019
    Do you want to develop a p2p platform software that will resolve the current issues in the payment industry? Do you want to provide them with a unique p2p payment service facility that aligns with the latest technological advancements? As you go through this blog, you’ll unfold the secrets on how to build a p2p payment app.
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    How To Build a P2P Payment App - The Easy Shortcuts to Know unifiedinfotech.net To know how to build a P2P payment app that is both marketable and technologically ahead, we have done exhaustive research and presented this blog. Read now...

    Added on 25 June 2019
    if you want to learn more about the makings of a fantasy cricket app, then you can go ahead and follow this article to learn about the most popular fantasy cricket apps in the market and how to make an app like that.
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    9 Apps Like Dream 11 Fantasy Cricket App - How To Create One unifiedinfotech.net Know about popular apps like Dream 11 in India and the steps to create a succesfull fantasy cricket app. A complete guide that you should read right away....

    Added on 25 June 2019
    There are simple ways you can design a perfect UX for your blockchain app. Just following some easy steps will result in an app design that will be convenient for the users. Find out more about blockchain app UX design with this article.
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    Designing for Blockchain - Secrets to Make Your App User-friendly unifiedinfotech.net Designing for Blockchain is no child's play. Trust experts - we have found teh best way to to make your application use friendly and more popular. Read now....

    Added on 25 June 2019
    Photos are not cutting it anymore in this social media age, it is the time for videos. Whether you are a physical trainer, a makeup artist, a chef or just another vlogger, this is the video age and in this video age, live streaming is the king.

    Broadcasting videos to the audience live in real time is the new trend for any kind of social media influencer. It not only gives a unique chance to the audience to connect with
    How to Build A Live Streaming App | Unified Infotech unifiedinfotech.net An Entrepreneur’s Guide On How To Build A Live Streaming App Like Periscope, YouNow, etc. in 2019. Get hands on a curated expert guide....

    Added on 25 June 2019
    Planning the right monetization strategy is the key to real success of your app. No matter how much people love you app and how many downloads your app must have, it still doesn’t matter if there is no monetization opportunity. Learn more about app monetization strategy in this article.
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    Mobile App Monetization Strategy- How to Make Money From App unifiedinfotech.net Have a mobile app development idea but unsure revenuers? We'll tell you how to make money from your app with these mobile app monetization Strategy....