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    Added on 19 May

    Top 5 Trends in Social Media Marketing

    19 May

    Marketing analysts keep a close look at all the trends of digital marketing to use them in their favor. Social media has completely changed the marketing tactics of many businesses. Brands use different social media platforms to engage with their potential customers.

    Customers are the most significant entity. Your entire strategy should revolve around them to increase the sales of your brand. Below are the top 6 trends that companies must consider.

    Trend 1: Create a purpose to add brand value

    Cause branding is now a new term but recently got popularity as many renowned brands are following this tactic to engage with their customers. In this marketing strategy, brands allow their customer to support any charity cause. By using the marketing data they have, they can easily make business decisions and interact with customers more efficiently.

    Cause branding help companies to get ahead of their competitor because customers relate to the cause that brands are part of. It also helps in the creation of an emotional connection between brands and their consumers. More than 4.62 billion people are using social media. You can turn most of them into your potential customer with help of cause branding.

    Many people in the world don’t have facilities for drinking clean water. Coca-Cola is a renowned beverage brand that works with WWF to provide fresh water to an area with water scarcity. So, Coca-Cola customers think that they are also part of this cause just by buying the coke product. This marketing strategy helps Coca-Cola to create a positive outlook for their company.

    Patagonia is a company that works for the cause of climate change. This brand informs people about the hazards of mass production of clothes on the environment. They believe in sustainable clothing. So, people who are conscious of the cause of recyclable clothing, buy only from this company to support the cause.

    Moreover, make sure to check out various push notification benchmarks to understand whether or not you can use it as an additional strategy that will improve your overall business processes.

    Trend 2: Add personalization

    The increase in the use of social media has also changed the ways of interaction between brands and their target customers. Consumers react to brands that use personalization methods and add more hard work in creating a brand campaign. They will pay attention to your logo design, brand colors, business slogan, and other brand elements.

    Brands use quizzes to gather all the necessary information to create buyer personas. You can get the phone number and emails of your potential customer. You can also send personalized emails and messages before any product launch. Most customers avoid filling the quizzes and google drive forms. You should give your potential customers rewards and offer to enhance their interest in filling your quiz.

    Trend 3: Collaborate with influencers

    If you want your voice to be heard on social media platforms, collaborate with Instagram and TikTok influencers and YouTubers. Teenagers and netizens follow social media stars and take their recommendations before buying any product. So, companies now interact with influencers from the different social media platforms to start conversations about their brands and have a successful social media marketing. If you are a clothing business, you need to start using Instagram because most people buy clothes by seeing the recommendation of different bloggers.

    Trend 4: User-generated content

    User-generated content can bring life to your brand sales. But you need to make sure that the quality of your product is amazing to get it noticed by users across the globe. UGC increases website conversion and clicks and helps you in lead generation.

    Wikipedia is the fifth most used website that also involves user-generated content. Wikipedia allows users from all over the world to edit its content. You can even edit any Wikipedia page if you know how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist, business, or any brand.

    Wikipedia works like an encyclopedia factory that provides a ton of knowledge for its use globally. If you know Wikipedia guidelines, you can easily learn how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist or any artist. Different brands use this platform to provide information to their user but by using a neutral tone.

    Most of you know about the famous shoe wear brand Nike. They have created whole marketing by using the slogan Just do it. They have used this slogan in Tv ads and now their customer uses this hashtag along with their shoes to send any positive message.

    Canon is one the famous brand for cameras. With its Instagram page, cannon photographers encourage its users to upload any unique photograph using the hashtag #Canon Photographers. This is a clever tool to increase the reach of the brand. You can also follow their example, learn how to schedule Instagram posts properly, and gain more brand awareness.

    Trend 5: Paid social media ads

    Brands use paid social media ads on different social media platforms to generate more leads. It is important to analyze all the insights before you start an ad campaign. You should also use social media analytics tools and platforms to track campaign results. Instagram increases the visibility of account that generate positive outcome and adds value to users. You need to use all the latest social media trends before your competitor takes the lead.

    Wrapping up

    Social media marketing revolves around users and potential customers. Make sure that you use all the latest trends in your favor.

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