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    Added on 14 October 2021

    How To Make Websites More Attractive Using Instagram Widget?

    14 October 2021

    With more than 1.3B active users, Instagram is a social media network that, ever since its inception has held the minds of people. The reason for its humongous user base is the admiration that users have for the aesthetics that the platform boasts, and the wide variety of content that is created and shared by the creators of the platform.

    While on the business front, they stand a chance to expose themselves to a rather vast audience, attract them to their products, ignite their interest, and induce them to make a purchase from the brand.

    Further, the fact that it is the hub of user-generated content makes it perfect for its users to decide whether or not to invest in the brand, after knowing about the experiences of the existing users with the brand.

    This user's behavior makes it the perfect opportunity for marketers to use Instagram for marketing purposes. One promising strategy here is displaying the vibrant content created on the platform on the website of brands. Keep reading to know more.

    Instagram Widget

    Instagram widget, simply put, is the aggregation of the content generated on Instagram by the brand and its users, leveraging multiple sources like hashtags, handles, mentions, etc.

    This widget when displayed on the website potentially enhances its look and feel as it boasts some of the most interesting, vibrant, and unique content generated by real people, for real people, and of real people.

    By leveraging an Instagram widget, brands can easily fetch user attention, engagement, and conversions.

    What Are The Benefits Of Embedding An Instagram Widget On The Website?

    Now that you are well acquainted with what exactly is an Instagram Widget, let us look at some of its most prominent benefits.

    1. Build Trust

    Embedding an Instagram widget on the website can help brands in showcasing content that is created by existing users of the brand, speaking of their experience with the brand and its deliverables. It is unadulterated, which helps the potential users better trust the brand and not be hesitant before making their purchases.

    2. Increases User Engagement

    User engagement is no more a fad, it has become the KPI of brands in order to sustain in the growing competition. By embedding an Instagram widget on the website, brands can easily keep their audiences hooked to what’s been showcased.

    Further, the feeds get updated in real-time, which makes it easier for brands to fetch engagement as the content is ever-fresh, unique, and eye-catching.

    3. Inspires Purchases

    By showcasing UGC generated on Instagram, brands can efficiently inspire the visitors and make them want to check out the products offered.

    Looking at static posts and videos, reading the reviews shared, and scrolling through the authentic use of the deliverables by the users, the prospects might also end up purchasing the product.

    How Can You Make Your Website More Attractive Using Instagram Widget?

    To be able to showcase your Instagram widget on the website, you would need to employ a social media aggregation tool. Some of the most popular tools are:

    1. Taggbox Widget

    Taggbox widget for hashtag campaigns helps brands in collecting, curating, and publishing content generated via hashtags, handles, and more on web pages, email campaigns, and more via its creative and responsive widgets.

    You can easily collect, curate, publish and analyze the content of your feed and get real-time updates on posts shared by your users.

    When the visitors come across this compelling content getting featured on any marketing channel, they will find your brand credible, attractive and intriguing.

    Hence, boosting brand awareness, user interaction, and lead generation.

    2. Tagembed

    Tagembed is yet another promising social media aggregating tool that helps brands in collecting, curating, and publishing social media content on more than 18 social media platforms.

    Brands can choose from amongst the multiple customization options available and make their widget worth a while for the viewers.

    Further, the tool also provides robust analytics to track the performance of the Instagram widget and tweak it as is needed.

    Over To You

    Instagram is used by people to share everything from the beach to business with their peers. It is an influential platform and 70% of the platform’s users use the platform to find inspiration to buy products, which makes it all the more important for marketers to employ smart strategies that can generate greater business.

    Now that you know the benefits and process of embedding an Instagram widget on your website, why still wait?

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