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    Added on 09 July 2021

    7 Handpicked Techniques Every Instagram Marketer Should Know

    09 July 2021

    With Instagram marketing getting extremely popular in recent times, both individuals with a personal account and companies with business accounts implement various tactics to grow their account with more followers and become visible on the huge platform. Instagram, being a big marketplace to promote products and services, not all companies that use Instagram for business achieve success. Most companies that are successful on Instagram today are those who worked with a constant focus and tried innovative techniques to get their brand heard in the big space.Let us now dive into some of the techniques that every marketer on Instagram must know to establish and maintain a strong presence online.

    Use Instagram stories

    One of the best Instagram features that supports a lot to market your products is stories. It allows you to post content that appears only for 24 hours. Creating stories requires less time and effort compared to other content forms due to the advantage that they can be of lesser quality. There are a lot of features of stories such as boomerang, tags and questions that enable Instagrammers to make their content more interesting and humorous. You could make announcements about new products, offers and discounts through stories. Moreover, you can add links to your websites in your stories and get more traffic leading to more sales and conversions.

    Use Instagram Tools

    Instagram provides free access to everyone who owns a business account. These tools are a great source to know key information about your audience such as age, gender, location, interests and active times. Analyzing this information leads you to discover the best times when you can post content. The data that Instagram insights provides steps down to high details. You could also get to know in detail about individual posts like how a post performs in terms of engagement such as likes, comments, shares and saves. By making use of this useful information, you can improve your strategy to boost content visibility. To add up, you could get automatic Instagram like and make your posts perform well and appear on the top of your followers’ feeds.

    Collaborate With Influencers

    Partnering with an Influencer can help you market your brand and product much better. People who have a high number of followers and are more active on the platform are called Influencers. There are several types of Influencers classified based on the number range of followers and other key factors. You need to identify, approach and team up with the right influencer who could help boost the credibility of your brand. This technique allows you to target all followers of the Influencers as potential clients.

    Create Instagram Ads

    Instagram ads are created using the stories feature and ads allow you post sponsored content in various forms such as story, carousels, photos or videos. Also you can plan your budget to control what you spend for creating and running ads. Along with identifying your right target audience with the inbuilt Insight tools, Instagram business account facilitates running ads for the targeted audience whom you think will fit as your ideal buying customer. An added feature is that the content that performs extremely well could be converted into ads which have the superpower to boost followers count from profile visitors.

    Use Branded Hashtags

    Interactive branded hashtags are a great way to create instant engagement. Customers can use these hashtags while posting user-generating content. When people use these hashtags to search on Instagram, all posts related to your brand pops up in their feed. In other words, branded hashtags are like advertisements that you can create for your brand free of cost. As a marketer, you could also use branded hashtags to repost images on your own page. #ShareACoke is an example of a branded hashtag which Coca-Cola used to get wider brand exposure and stand out from the crowd.

    Post Product Teasers

    Nevertheless, marketers want to sell on Instagram. Well, Instagram is a huge marketplace where you can post product teasers and increase sales rate. Keep in mind that you should not push customers to buy your product. You just need to post a teaser about your product to make a small rush of excitement but never play hard like sending a direct sales pitch.

    Upload User-Generated Content

    Adding content created by your customers to your feed is a great opportunity that you give them to post to your account. This not only makes them feel the closeness that they have with your brand but also encourages fellow followers to buy your products. This is a tactical technique that many big companies follow to increase Instagram engagement.  Asking your followers to tag your account when they post photos of them while using your product gets you two birds in a single stone. You can boost engagement levels as well as build long term customer relationships.


    Instagram keeps expanding and provides new opportunities to marketers. The techniques explained in this article are those which every marketer on Instagram must know to build and maintain brand presence on the huge social media space.

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