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Added on 04 April 2022
MaRS BIM Solutions provides #SteelDetailingServices in the United States. We have a talented and expert team of steel detailers who work according to the requirements of our clients. We have completed many steel detailing projects in USA, UK, Australia, and Canada. We give work to the client at the market rate. If you want to work at a reasonable cost, contact us today. We will get back to you in some time.

Know more at: https://www.marsbim.com/services/structural-bim/steel-detailing.html

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Added on 01 April 2022
The #ArchitecturalDesignServices offered by our architectural engineers help you get the perfect balance of the work. With the experience and power to know the tools, software, and technique, you get 100% systematic and data-driven architectural design for your project. Want more information about it? Contact us today.

Know more at: https://www.marsbim.com/services/designing-services/architectural-design.html

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Added on 08 March 2022
MaRS BIM has data working on #BIMClashDetectionServices offerings for plant rooms, building risers, pre-assembled corridor and roof modules for medical care, schooling, business and blended use projects. We assist our client with detect clashes between building, structural, electrical, plumbing or mechanical systems with our precise BIM clash detection services in UK, US, Australia, Canada, UAE and a lot more countries.

Know more at: https://www.marsbim.com/services/bim/clash-detection-and-coordination.html

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Added on 07 March 2022
MaRS BIM provides the services of #RevitBIMFamilyCreation in the USA and Globe. We specialize in completing all types of BIM projects. We have a team of experienced engineers who know how to work on all types of BIM projects. If you want to complete your project in a better way, then feel free to contact us.

Know more at: https://www.marsbim.com/services/bim/revit-family-creation.html

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Added on 01 March 2022
MaRS BIM Solutions is offering #StructureBIMServices in the USA. We have a team of engineers to handle all types of #BIMprojects. We have completed more than 17+ years in BIM and have completed many projects with our client satisfaction. Contact us today if you want to complete your project in less time.

Know more at: https://www.marsbim.com/services/structural-bim.html

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Added on 23 February 2022
MaRS BIM Solutions has been offering its #MEPBIMservices to the AEC industry in the United States for many years. MEP systems are the main part of a building structure and MEP engineering refers to the process of planning, designing, and managing a building's systems and requires a lot of collaboration between different teams. This can be made easier with the integration of BIM as models can also help in a better understanding of the structure and integration of the

Added on 22 February 2022
MaRS BIM Solutions is the leading Rebar Detailing company in providing #RebarDetailingServices to our clients with accuracy and completeness. The focus of our company is to deliver the work as per the expectation of our customers and also to ensure that the maintenance of the production schedule of the customers and improvement of production efficiency is taken into account.

Know more at: https://www.marsbim.com/services/structural-bim/rebar-detailing.html


Added on 21 February 2022
MaRS BIM Solutions are providing #ScantoBIMservices for all types of USA-based buildings. Take a look at our project of historic, industrial, corporate, and even residential buildings with accurate descriptions and models. Share your project details and input files with us or contact us for information about our work process.

Know more at: https://www.marsbim.com/scan-to-bim-services.html

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Added on 17 February 2022
MaRS BIM Solutions is one of the best #BIMServices Providers in the USA, UK, Canada, India, Australia. We have a huge engineering team that specializes in completing all types of BIM Projects. We have worked on many construction design projects like scan to bim, Revit bim modeling, bim modeling, Revit bim family creation, MEP BIM services, structure steel detailing, and many more.

Know more at: https://marsbim.com/bim-services.html

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Added on 14 February 2022
Mars BIM is the trusted and reliable name in the AEC industries when it comes to providing highly accurate and result-oriented #MEPDesignServices. With our sustainable engineering solutions, clients can easily understand and approach the project's needs and can bridge the process of the work with ease and comfort.
With our technical expertise and multidisciplinary approach to delivering MEP design services, we assure to fulfill the distance and gap between the need and requirements of the client along with the efficiency