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    Added on 22 March 2021
    A day trip to Alexandria from Cairo to explore the pearl of the Mediterranean Sea and walk along its cornish sit on its cafes and get involved in the culture. The tour includes visiting the main highlights of the city the Alexandria library, Roman amphitheater, catacomb of Kom Al shouqafa, Quitbay citadel, and enjoy a seafood lunch
    Day Tour to Alexandria from Cairo | Deluxe Tours Egypt deluxetoursegypt.com If you are visiting Cairo entich your stay wth a day tour to Alexandria from Cairo. Alexandria tour includes visit to Roman theatre, Catacomb .....

    Added on 04 December 2020
    A day trip to Giza pyramids is one of the sought after Cairo tours. It is the dream of each world traveler to see these marvelous monuments. The Egypt pyramids tour is run by professional tour guides and includes hotel pick up and drop off
    Giza Pyramids Half Day Tour | Deluxe Tours Egypt deluxetoursegypt.com Cairo Half day tour to Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx. Explore the magnificent monuments and have memorable photos in your Giza pyramids half day tour

    Added on 14 August 2020
    High rated trips in Egypt A well-planned trip to Egypt will surely make your visit to one of the most fantastic countries on the planet and full of unforgettable history. I am talking about one of the dream places for any tourist.

    Added on 05 June 2020
    More than one reason to travel to Egypt Egypt is best known as the cradle of ancient Egyptian civilization, with its temples, hieroglyphics, mummies, and, most popular, its pyramids. https://www.deluxetoursegypt.com

    Added on 27 February 2020
    10 Days Egypt and Jordan Tours 1900 A great holiday experience to visit Egypt and Jordan in 10 days. See Petra and camp in Wadi Rum. Stand in awe infront of the pyramids of Giza and Sphinx and sail the Nile River to see the magnificent monuments in Luxor and Aswan. Egypt and Jordan tours is a comprehensive all inclusive holiday including sightseeing, entrance fees, accommodation and escorted by professional tour guide.

    Added on 20 November 2019
    Ancient Egypt Tours https://www.deluxetoursegypt.com/egypt-tours-packages/classic-tours/
    Egypt has been and is a country of contrasts, of civilization, culture and science, but also of conflict.

    Added on 08 November 2019
    Why should you travel to Egypt now? Today Egypt does not have much to do with Pharaonic Egypt or with Ottoman Egypt, and at the same time it is a summary of all the people who have populated its particular geography.

    Added on 11 September 2019
    Best of Egypt Tours in 3 Days https://www.deluxetoursegypt.com/tour/explore-cairo-in-two-days-tour/
    Is it possible in such a short time to see all the sights in Egypt? For some it will be ok but for others it would take not less than 2 weeks.

    Added on 11 September 2019
    Best of Egypt Tours in 3 days

    Added on 13 July 2019
    Travel to Egypt a Country of Sunshine, Sea, Mysticism https://www.deluxetoursegypt.com
    As you travel to Egypt, everyone is reminded of the endless desert and the memory of an outdated civilization, miraculous pyramids, Sphinx, the Nile. However, Egypt is still much more than that.