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Do you work in an occupation is hard to substantiate income? Do you have weekly earnings that aren’t necessarily reflected in a pay stub? For example, the bartenders or wait staff often have high cash income but low salary or wages, which is something we completely understand. We offer a variety of messes with which to substantiate your income. You can show us regular bank deposits, current account balance, or even certify with a letter of employment from your manager.

We know that you need to drive to make money, and we are here to help you. Regardless of your credit situation, visit our site or give us a call in order to start your conversation. We can let you know where you stand, both with a free credit report and with our own professional evaluation.

If your credit is less than exemplary, you shouldn't feel discouraged. Over the lifetime of our business, we have helped thousands of people acquire vehicles despite financial difficulties. Our goal is not to deny you or to serve as gatekeepers; our goal is to make sure that you find a vehicle that suits you and your budget. Whatever the financial situation may be, we can give you our best assessment and provide options to meet whatever your needs might be.