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    Darr Equipment Co. is a 60-year-old equipment and service provider. With a sole motive of serving its clients with safe equipment and services, Darr deals only in the top of the line equipment, working More
    Added on 08 January 2021
    DIY repair of forklift doesn't always intend to results in a good manner. It can lead to unimaginable disaster while DIYing forklift repair. Forklift repair is always meant to be handled by a trained professional and doing it by yourself is the most common mistake made by fleet managers.

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    Forklift Repair: DIY Could Mean Disaster storeboard.com Have you ever heard any horror stories about fleet managers trying to maintain their own forklifts? Or have you heard the tales of irresponsible maintenance ...

    Added on 30 December 2020
    Forklifts are the most used material handling equipment used in warehouses and outdoors. With use on daily basis, there some common issues that occur while operating forklifts. And there are some easy fixes to get these issues fixed.

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    How to Fix 3 Common Forklift Repair Issues darrequipment.com Forklift repair and maintenance is necessary to keep the life of your machine to a maximum. Read on as we cover how to repair common forklift issues.

    Added on 14 December 2020
    Finalizing a forklift for warehouse operations, one must be able to differentiate between types of forklifts. The knowledge of the type of forklifts helps in choosing the right equipment for effective daily operations.

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    Types of Forklifts: From an Order Picker to a Counterbalance F... dallas.storeboard.com To a warehouse manager or forklift operator, knowing the difference between the various types of forklifts can make it easier to know when to use which lift ...

    Added on 08 December 2020
    A high lift pallet jack is one of the most used equipment in a daily warehouse operation. A high lift pallet jack or hand pallet helps in the easy maneuvering of pallets in the warehouse. Thereby selecting the right pallet jack becomes quite important to run your warehouse operations and there are certain things that must be taken into consideration before buying a high lift pallet jack.

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    4 Things to Consider When Buying a High Lift Pallet Jack tex.biznet-us.com The manual high lift pallet jack – also referred to as a hand pallet jack – is a basic piece of equipment that serves the purpose of transporting pa...

    Added on 03 December 2020
    Get your warehouse shelving racks and racking systems updated from Darr Equipment. We are known for the top of the line equipment with 60 years of experience in the industry and helping our customers with quality equipment. Buy the latest products and upgrade your warehouse solutions with an increase in productivity and smooth operations with Darr.

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    Warehouse Solutions darrequipment.com Darr Equipment’s team is experienced with RFID technology and provides you with the best warehouse storage shelving systems solutions.

    Added on 27 November 2020
    Both manual and electric high lift pallet jack come with their own set of pros and cons. While choosing one of them, there few things that have to be considered along with the pros and cons of each.

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    A Look at a Manual Versus Electric High Lift Pallet Jack darrequipment.com If you are in the market for a high lift pallet jack, you need to understand the different types available for purchase before you actually buy.

    Added on 23 November 2020
    The task of cleaning new forklifts is sometimes not given the attention it may require. The cleaning of new forklifts has to done on a scheduled basis to forklift up for operations and maintain lifeline.

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    Darr Equipment - Blog - NiceFirm - Business Networking nicefirm.com Founded in 1954, Darr Equipment Co. is a 60-year-old equipment and service provider. With the sole motive of serving its clients with safe equipment and service...

    Added on 10 November 2020
    Used pallet racking always proves to be an efficient, cost-effective idea while increasing output in the warehouse work environment. Before finalizing used pallet racking for the warehouse operations, there are 3 things that must be checked before the purchase.


    Darr Equipment darrequipment.com Darr provides warehouse solutions: from material handling equipment, to fleet management software solutions, to entire turnkey warehouse solutions.

    Added on 05 November 2020
    Heavy-duty industrial shelving has numerous benefits for running warehouse operations efficiently. For products kept in warehouse storage, industrial shelving helps it remain in good condition. From quality preservation to space optimization, heavy-duty shelves also help in increasing productivity.

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    Shelf Love: The Benefits of Heavy Duty Industrial Shelving darrequipment.com Darr Equipment discuses the benefits of heavy duty industrial shelving, including space optimization, increased productivity, and more.

    Added on 27 October 2020
    Utilizing warehouse workspace efficiently always results in better operations and maximum output. The use of storage racks also provides the option of maximizing workspace, improving the process and workflow in the warehouse.

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    Maximize Your Workspace with Warehouse Storage Racks and More darrequipment.com Learn some helpful tips that will make it easier to Maximize Your Workspace with Warehouse Storage Racks and More.