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Added on 19 November 2021

Why Going Green The Only Option To Save The Environment

19 November 2021

You might have heard the term Eco friendly packaging as it is one of the most discussed topics on the internet. The major reason why it is so much popular and everyone is talking about it is that it is one of the best ways to keep the planet green. And screen printing is also part of this new age packaging solution. 

This printing technique includes minimal resources and the least carbon footprint. When we talk about going green, we try to discuss the issues that are polluting the natural environment and how they can be minimized. 

So let us discuss why going green is called the only way to protect the natural environment and what is the role of Eco friendly packaging in it.

Minimalism Is Trending

As mentioned earlier, screen printing is a major part of packaging solutions when we talk about going green. Over the past few years, environmentalists have emphasized the need for cost and resource reduction to protect the natural environment. 

Considering that product manufacturers, as well as packaging vendors, have switched towards the minimalistic approach. Screen printing is the method that uses the lesser amount of inks in the printing of packaging, and also they are biodegradable. That is why minimalism is trending for saving the natural habitat.

Save Cost, Save The Planet

You must be aware of the fact that eco friendly packaging is popular because it is not only safe for the environment but also cost-effective. 

This can help you to achieve two goals in a single go. This packaging can save the natural habitat from the pollution, and at the same time, you can save a handsome amount of money that you might have to spend on its printing. 

You might be wondering about how to save that? The answer is simple, with screen printing. This justifies the popularity of this packaging as well as the printing method when we talk about going green.

The 3Rs Rule

The environmentalists across the globe have suggested the 3Rs rule for going green. This rule states that the eco friendly packaging should be recyclable, reusable, and reducible. This way, the natural resources of the planet can be preserved to a maximum level, and at the same time, the pollution can also be reduced. 

Moreover, the ink used for the printing of these boxes should also be compliant with the same rule. And screen printing is the best way to do so. The 3Rs rule is designed considering the requirements of going green and saving the natural environment.

The aforementioned are the reasons that justify why going green is an inevitable option to protect the natural environment and why Eco friendly packaging is the best way to achieve this goal.

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