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Added on 15 December 2021

The Importance of Design for Kraft Boxes

15 December 2021

Why do you look at the packaging while choosing a product for you or your loved ones when the box will eventually go in the trash? Why does packaging matter to the companies and the consumers?

These are the few reasons that highlight the need of packaging.

  • Helps in determining the worth of a brand.
  • It helps in building trust with the company to invest money in it.
  • Attractive designs helps in marketing to reach target audience.
  • Proper packaging provides protection to the product from breaking due to any mishandling.
  • It provides information to the customers about the company and the product.

The quality of packaging depends on the type of material used for the boxes, designs, and quality of printing. Everything collectively makes an effective packaging. Kraft boxes wholesale are the most popular among all the other packaging material like cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, rigid boxes, glass, and wood etc.

Kraft packaging got popularity amongst other because of its unmatchable characteristics.

Let's have a look at what kraft paper is!

Kraft Paper

It is a paperboard produced like other paperboards with few changes here and there during the process that make it more widespread.

Raw Material

Material used for kraft paperboard is softwood. It is not about the softness of the wood. Some hardwood plants are softer than softwood plants. The difference is that the fibers present in softwood are longer, less dense, and it grows faster which makes it perfect for custom kraft boxes.



Wood is sent into the chipper that converts big logs of wood into wood chips. Conversion of these chips takes place in another machine that combines it with white liquor and converts it into wood pulp. After pulping paper machine rolls the pulp into paper by drying out all the moisture from it.

What makes kraft packaging more durable is the question that is asked most of the time. It is because:


Kraft boxes stronger, more sturdy, and flexible because of the higher amount of sulfur and long fibers. They can carry all kinds of products without losing its shape. Custom kraft boxes provide protection to the products and can be used for shipping products. They can easily endure any kind of hits and falls that is unpredictable and can happen any time during delivery or at the store.

Graphics Compatible

Some materials are hard to get printed on and are not easily molded into different shapes.

Good news! This is not the case with kraft boxes.Surface and texture of kraft is flexible and highly printing compatible. It can be customized in shapes like square, round, cylindrical, or any other that is desired by the customers. Giving these custom kraft boxes is not an issue with new and latest printing techniques.

Designing And Kraft Boxes

It is important to properly design these product cases to get it to its full potential. Designing kraft boxes helps in reaching the target audience, attracting customers, provides information to the customers, develop brand identity, promote business, and boost profit.

Brand Identity

Every brand has its own essence and value that is determined by the effort and quality it provides to its customers. A brand is basically built by not only the company but it’s a shared endeavor. Company, workers, employees, marketing team, customers or any person that interacts with a company plays its part in shaping the brand. 

So it is important to design the kraft packaging according to the taste of the customers like specific colors and logos are representative of the brands but also interact with the buyers. It is important to create a bond between the two.


Manufacturing the product is not the end of a task. The struggle starts here when it comes to advertise your brand in the market that is flooding with a lot of amazing products. To make your mark it is important to develop effective and strong designs that speak for the product and the idea behind it.

It may be hard to convince people when you are not present there in person but this is what these boxes are made for. Kraft packaging gives the company a chance to make their product even better by beautiful and innovative designs. Attractive designs helps in spreading the word of mouth and increases the sales and worth of the brand.

Necessary Information

Another really important purpose of packaging is to provide information that encompasses necessary detail like ingredients, how to use it, a little detail about the company like logo or symbol. It is not possible for anyone to open up the packaging and look for such things. 

Giving information create an ease for the customer to know the product better. Not to forget that giving too much information on custom kraft boxes leads to distraction.

Purchase Decision

Most of the purchase decisions are based on the look of the product because it is the only thing customers can interact with before opening the package. Kraft packaging is not a difficult task, as there are a lot of printing and designing options available in packaging industry that creates the product of your choice, but no doubt a tricky one.

Let’s see how decisions are based on the appearance of the box.

There is a box with a logo of a company and little information that does not highlight the matter of importance and there is a beautiful sleek box with a window cut that shows how the product looks like and what you will be getting. It provides you with the facts like how to use the product and what is its life etc.

You Decide What You Want! 

Do not let go of this chance to design your own custom kraft boxes in shapes and sizes that perfectly suits your brand and represent you in the market.

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