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Crossflix is a family friendly channel with thousands of Christian films including Christian movies new releases, videos, and educational content.
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The mission of Crossflix Inc. and its parent company Christ Vue Inc. is to spread and strengthen the faith and love in Christ by offering entertaining Christian films and movies, documentaries, Christian More


Added on 16 July 2021
With so much media competing for your child's attention, Christian movies and film reviews are a great way for parents to make informed judgments. These prudent judgments also include what their youngster is allowed to watch.

Young brains are easily impressed, so it is the parents' obligation to ensure that the media that their children are exposed to is well opposed to their ideals.

Philippians 4:8 has proper and good instructions for parents to follow when letting their children watch television. A
Christian education and animation | Crossflix crossflix.com Our children are our future so make sure they will grow to be God Loving Kids by visiting Crossflix now....

Added on 22 May 2020
Learn More About Christian Faith Through Best Christian Videos Crossflix has amazing Christian faith based movies and videos to portray the learning and teaching of life lessons and beliefs by Jesus. So subscribe us today and learn more about Christian faith.

Added on 11 November 2019
Watch Unlimited Christian Movies That Are Based on Christianity Crossflix is the best and easy alternative of Netflix and Pureflix. This is the leading platform where you can enjoy unlimited Christian movies and films with your family, friends and kids that are actually good about Christianity.

Added on 18 September 2019
5 Benefits of Watching Christian Movies and Videos Christina Movies plays a very important and Inspirational role to spread the message of love and faith towards the Christianity across the world. These movies are not only source of entertainment also provides motivation or inspiration.