Creative Wave GmbH

  • Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 12, D-85221 Dachau
Creative Wave assists the customer from the first sketch to the finished presentation of the model.
  • Hard modelling car design, car design prototype germany
  • Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 12, D-85221 Dachau


Creative Wave is a professional model building company located near Munich. The company was founded in 2008 and is offering a range of services from manufacturing classic prototypes to fully functional More
Added on 24 August 2018
Constructing a solid body is never an easy job and requires plenty of processes and a wise approach. From designing a model to giving the final touch to the body requires so much effort and precision to get the desired product. Creative-Wave, one of the best car design companies in Germany helps you through the construction process and provides you with the desired product with precision in their work.