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Contata Solutions, founded in 2000, is a Data Science Service Provider & Software Development Company, headquartered in Minneapolis,US.
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Contata Solutions, founded in 2000, is a Data Science Service Provider & Software Application Development Company, headquartered in Minneapolis, US with 5 offices including offshore centers in India More
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Certified Partners:
As a Microsoft Silver Partner, Contata is part of an elite group of developers who deliver Intelligent, flexible solutions built for cloud, hybrid and on-premises scenarios. Leveraging their expertise in modern #cloudapplicationdevelopment, #cloudsecurity , and advanced analytics and reporting, our engineers help clients modernize and differentiate their businesses to succeed in the cloud-first world.
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#prospecting :
Identify best prospects from the population-
A good understanding of your customers can be leveraged towards identifying and targeting new prospects. Contata has extensive experience creating B2B abd B2C prospect lists, by applying advanced #predictivemodelling techniques on the millions of prospects in its in-house consumer and business databases.
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Predictive Models-
Deploy strategies based on predicted outcomes:
Build models based on analysis and learnings from your data predict outcomes. These can include approaches to:

-Categorize a new document, or recognize an object from an image
-Decide whether a prospect is likely to buy before you spend marketing dollar
-Predict sales of a product, or lifetime value of a customer

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We take a holistic view of your application architecture and service delivery processes. This allows us to build continuous integration and deployment system that fits your unique requirements.

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KPI Dashboards & Alerts-
Track Key Performance Indicators for your business:
Design and implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is critical for monitoring the health of different aspects of your business. Examples of such Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can include Sales Amount, Sales Volume, Profit per Item, etc.
Carefully designed dashboards can help with continuous monitoring of KPIs as well as sending our alerts to stakeholders when normal trends are breached.

Added on 06 June
Data Governance-
Control data quality with governance policies and standards:
The quality, consistency and security of your data are critical in enabling fresh business insights and data-driven strategies. Contata can help design and implement the processes, procedures, policies and metrics towards an ongoing data-governance practice.

Added on 01 June
Identify and extract values for key informational elements in documents:

Knowing that a document is an office lease, for example, does not go as far as knowing also who the parties are, and what the specifics of the property and rent agreements are. Contata can train algorithms to extract such meaningful information automatically and append this structured information to be used by downstream applications.
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Churn Analysis-
Identify at-risk customers and deploy retention strategies:
Identifying customers who are at risk of terminating their relationship with you, is the first step in deploying efforts towards retaining them. Contata can help apply #machinelearning models to identify at-risk customers based on combination of their demographic profile, transaction trends and other behavioral data.

Added on 30 May
The right BI system and tools for your environment-
There are a variety of approaches and tools out these for implementing analytics dashboards for your business. Depending on your data-environment and business needs, the tools can be implemented with various levels of data-blending, filtering and bucketing. Contata can help analyze your data and recommend a tool and implementation strategy to meet your needs.

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