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    Colour Graphic Services is a trusted name that specialises in the field of colour management throughout Australia.
    Added on 10 September 2022

    All You Need to Know About Colour & Its Management

    Are you in the print industry and looking for someone to help you understand #coloursystems, #colourdefinition and #colourstandards, Colour Graphic Services is your perfect partner. ICC profile is a data set that encompasses output device or input colour. Every device has a #colour profile. If you are someone who designs for the print/media industry, ensuring that accurate colour is applied and displayed is of paramount importance, and that’s where CGS can
    What Is a Colour – How It’s Important to Manage colourgraphicservices.com We’ve shared the importance of colour management. Check it out. Call us on +61 (0)400 123 398 for inquiry....