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    Added on 22 February 2018
    Machine learning methods are used for data analysis, similar to data mining, but the main concept of Machine Learning is to automate decision models. The training on Machine Learning Programs help you to excel in their fields & the organizations to face and deal with responsibilities IT needs. This online machine learning course is perfect for those who have a solid basis in R and statistics, but are complete beginners with machine learning.

    Go to Course: https://www.collaberatact.com/online-training-courses/machine-learning-ai-and-deep-learning-certification/

    #machine_learning #deep_learning #AI #data

    Added on 22 February 2018
    Online DevOps Training also covers the application of Bash/Python basics and understanding the performance and security for Infrastructure. The student will also learn the devops tools like – Puppets, Jenkins, Nagios, and GIT etc. The Devops training & certification program is for someone who aspires to make a career as a DevOps Engineer or a Service Engineer in the Enterprise Infrastructure arena.

    Go to Course: https://www.collaberatact.com/online-training-courses/devops-certification/

    #devops #developer #India #Python #web

    Added on 21 February 2018
    Become an expert in Big Data Hadoop Administrator by getting your hands on Hadoop Cluster including monitoring Hadoop Distributed File System and Planning & Deployment. Collabera TACT’s Hadoop Administrator course is specifically designed to provide an active expertise to put in, configure, and manage the Apache Hadoop platform. Understanding Integration of Hadoop Cluster with Hive, HBase, Pig, Flume and from RDBMS using Sqoop.

    Go to Course: https://www.collaberatact.com/online-training-courses/big-data-hadoop-administrator/

    #programming #Hadoop #professional #course #training #India

    Added on 21 February 2018
    Collabera TACT Big Data Hadoop Developer training certification course, brings out the key ideas and proficiency for managing #bigdata with #Apache’s open source platform – #Hadoop. The course also consists of advanced modules like Yarn, Zookeeper, Oozie, Flume and Sqoop.

    Go to Course: https://www.collaberatact.com/online-training-courses/big-data-hadoop-developer/

    #bigdata #hadoop #developer #programming #India

    Added on 21 February 2018
    A certification in PMP, allows project managers to work virtually across various industries anywhere in the world. Collabera TACT project management professional (PMP) Certification & Training program help professional acquire a PMP certification in first attempt. Add an advanced skill in your career with project management courses.

    Goto Course: https://www.collaberatact.com/online-training-courses/pmp-training/

    #PMP #pmp-training #project-management #professional #India #pmp-certification

    Added on 21 February 2018
    Angular JS 4 is the most in-demand structured #javascript framework for building a dynamic web applications. The Angular JS 4 training covers various modules in the third party, routes, filters and Node.js along with dependency injection and integration with MVC. Angular JS 4 training by Collabera TACT provides you hands-on experience of working with Angular JS 4.

    Go to Course: https://www.collaberatact.com/online-training-courses/angular-js-4-certification/

    #programming #javascript #angular #India #training #course

    Added on 21 February 2018
    Tableau helps in creating beautiful data visualizations from complex data sets. It is prefer choice of Small to Large enterprises because of its user-friendly nature. Collabera TACT Tableau training & certification course will ensure participants to excel the art of data visualization using Tableau and will be prepared to take on project in Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Data Visualization.

    View Course: https://www.collaberatact.com/online-training-courses/tableau-certification/

    #programming #business #tableau #data_visualization #analytics

    Added on 21 February 2018
    Become a certified #Python developer with online Python training program. This comprehensive course covers from beginner to advanced concepts like writing Python scripts, file operations in Python, creating views, Forms, Modules in Python.

    Go to course: https://www.collaberatact.com/online-training-courses/python-certification/

    #python #programming #developer #India #course

    Added on 21 February 2018
    Online Ansible training will enable participants to understand the advanced concepts of Ansible like Ansible Configuration Management, Playbooks, Modules, Roles and many more. Participants will get hands-on experience of working on live projects on Ansible.

    View Course: https://www.collaberatact.com/online-training-courses/advanced-ansible-certification/

    #programming #ansible #management #technology

    Added on 21 February 2018
    The IoT Security Training course is specifically focused for passionate professionals who are willing to advanced to the next level of Internet of Things and have gained expertise in the basic level of #Python programming language. Collabera TATC Internet of Things Security program is designed by the industry Experts to provide hands-on training with tools that are used to speed up the training process.

    View Course: https://www.collaberatact.com/online-training-courses/internet-things-security-expert/

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