Cloud Optics consultants are highly experienced and deliver a range of Software License consulting Services such as Microsoft Negotiation Advice
    Added on 11 September 2018
    #Oracle #License #Services is one of the established authorities on the part of the Oracle licensing policy. The organization provides reliable services such as transparent, open as well as definitive assessment for better customer service and compliance position.@ http://www.cloud-optics.com/services

    Added on 06 September 2018
    Cloud Optics’ licensing Service spans across the four major vendors #Microsoft, #Oracle, #IBM and #SAP and is designed to navigate you through the complex #licensing agreements. See more at http://www.cloud-optics.com/services

    Added on 29 August 2018
    Cloud Optics #Microsoft #License #Consulting is there to define and articulate your business' Future Software Requirements. Cloud Optics focus on all elements of your #Software demands from the product sets, user profiles to the commercial aspects and contractual terms and use this platform to create the Optimal License Procurement Strategy.@ http://www.cloud-optics.com/about

    Added on 23 August 2018
    Cloud optics to get #Sap #licensing #Audit #Defence services for a clear idea of your licensing position. Apart from this, get to know about potential exposure alongside a risk and mitigation analysis.@ https://bit.ly/2mhTgzA

    Added on 24 July 2018
    #IBMAudit is one of the most crucial parts of the organization. IBM keep on informing their customers regarding the IBM license or #Software Audit, which reviews the position of license across the #worldwide. @https://bit.ly/2Lv3siU

    Added on 17 July 2018
    Are you negotiating for a new cloud agreement? Well, #Cloud #Agreement #Renewal is an important concept for every business. @ https://bit.ly/2HDsMjS

    Added on 12 July 2018
    At Cloud Optics, we offer a wide range of services such as #Software #licensing #Consulting #Services for Microsoft among others, #Audit #Defence, negotiation and benchmarking support, billing optimisation among many others. https://bit.ly/2mhTgzA

    Added on 04 July 2018
    At Cloud Optics, we offer a wide range of services such as #Software #Licensing #Consulting Services for Microsoft among others, #ServiceNowNegotiation and #Benchmarking support, audit defence among others. @ https://bit.ly/2HDsMjS

    Added on 20 June 2018
    The auditor can be one who have the full about about the topic that you are discussing about and should be expert in his field. If you think soo and looking for #SAP and #Microsoft #licensing #audit then you can contact the best #software #licensing expert the cloud optics. @ www.cloud-optics.com/services/audit-defence

    Added on 11 June 2018
    Work more efficiently from anywhere and on any device by taking #Office365 #Mangement #Service by @CloudOptics. Our team have more then 10 years experince in dealing with complex software related issue, Licensing and their renewals etc services. Visit for More:- https://bit.ly/2Jskyjl