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ClaimsMate is making every effort to be the very best resource and information for navigating insurance claims and finding a public insurance adjuster to assist with any claim. ClaimsMate provides a public More
Added on 26 July 2020
Did your insurance company deny your claim? Here are a few steps you can take to fight a homeowner insurance claim denial.


Added on 27 April 2019
Houston Public Adjusters can help provide expert knowledge and resources for property insurance claim adjustments. After an unfortunate loss from a storm or disaster it may be wise to contact a local Public Insurance Adjuster in Texas. ClaimsMate Public Adjusters based in Houston Texas provide the best licensed Public Adjusters to assist with property insurance claims.

Added on 25 January 2019
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Added on 12 November 2018
The Shocking Effects Of Insurance Adjuster Shortages merchantcircle.com If your state, city, or region was recently hit by a natural disaster, then it could have a significant effect on your insurance claim. After a disaster, you......

Added on 12 November 2018
A lot of people are dealing with the after math of #waterdamage from #HurricaneMichael and #HurricaneFlorence
Some tips that are helpful:

Added on 12 November 2018
After damage to a home or business from a storm or disaster, it can be difficult to decide what to do and when to do it.
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Added on 02 November 2018
A Letter From The Insurance Company: Reservation of Rights, Denial of Coverage & Non-Waiver Agreemen... claimsmate.com Dear policyholder,When dealing with an insurance claim it is common to receive official letters of communication from your insurance ......

Added on 02 November 2018
Find professional public insurance adjusters in Texas to help with an insurance claim.

Added on 03 October 2018
Learn about insurance bad faith claims.
Insurance Claims And Bad Faith Practices publicadjusters.zumvu.com When an insurance company operates in bad faith, policyholders like you lose. Unfortunately, many policyholders simply accept the word of their insurance co...

Added on 30 August 2018
If an insurance company isn't doing their part during an insurance claim, acting in good faith and treating the insured unfairly, they may be taking part in unfair claims settlement practices. Find out what they are and what you can do:
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