Chandler Air

    Chandler Air Inc. Air Conditioning Service offers residential heating and air conditioning service in Phoenix, and the surrounding areas.
    • Serving The East Valley Since 1982


    We provide complete heater and air conditioner installation, service and repair, as well as air cleaners, furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, humidifiers, thermostats and many more. With more than 28 years More
    Added on 04 December 2019
    Why Does My AC Cost So Much to Run? Cut down your high AC costs. You can reduce your bills with setup modifications, regular maintenance, and timely AC repair in Gilbert.

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    Top 5 Health Benefits of Air Conditioning Having air conditioning in Gilbert isn’t just for comfort – it can save your life. Read below to see why AC is vitally important as the temperatures outside continue to rise.

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    Reasons to Hire Professionals for Your HVAC Repair Your HVAC is on the fritz—should you try to fix it yourself, or go with a professional? A professional service is the way to go … and here’s why.