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    Added on 19 January

    Confined space training - Does your business need it?

    19 January

    Not all jobs have the same safety requirements. The most dangerous situation at work for some is the wet floor sign, while others have to undergo extensive training to enter their workplace. These types of jobs are heavily regulated, and many safety requirements have to be met in the first place.

    People choosing these jobs as their profession are well aware of possible dangers and hazards. That is the main reason why a business might need specific safety training like confined space training.

    If your business has to comply with many regulations, one of them is OSHA Regulation, you might need confined training. We’ll discuss several reasons why your business might need confined space training.

    Industry changes and developments

    If you want to keep up with industry changes and developments, you might have to invest in different types of safety training. New tools, technologies, equipment, and practices will emerge as new hazards are identified. Your business will need to adapt and invest in further employee training. This will also help your business identify the areas which need additional improvement and further training to ensure the safety of your employees.

    Hazards are more easily detected

    The hierarchy within a business is there for a reason - people go to school to learn how to identify hazards and develop safety measures and the right business approach. But, it’s also necessary to teach those working in a confined space to identify and understand the hazards associated with confined spaces.

    To be in compliance with safety requirements

    Depending on your line of business, you’ll have to comply with certain business regulations and safety regulations. If you need to ensure your business is in compliance with safety regulations like OSHA in the United States or WHS compliance in Australia. Each country has their own laws, regulations and strict rules which regulate work in confined spaces and require employers to provide proper training for employees who work in or around confined spaces.

    The importance of teamwork

    People usually work in teams, but not all teams are aware of the importance of teamwork. However, team effort can be crucial when working in a confined space when the stakes are high. When you sign up for confined space training Newcastle or anywhere else near you, the certified trainer will help them understand their roles and responsibilities. Each team member should give their best in their assigned role while also learning how to work better and work together to ensure a safe and successful outcome.

    There’s a need for safe entry and exit

    If your team has to do their work in an area or space with a limited point of entry, which is often the same as the exit point, they need to be taught the proper procedures for entering and exiting confined spaces safely. The proper procedure, whose aim is to ensure adequate use of personal protective equipment, and the importance of proper ventilation are explained during one of the safety training.

    If equipment is involved to ensure proper safety

    If your team has to use specific pieces of equipment to ensure safety within a confined space, they need to learn how. In addition, they might need to take other tools into a limited space, so they should also know how to operate the tools without any risk.

    Your team has to learn how to operate gas detection equipment, ventilation systems, body harnesses and others. The ultimate aim of confined space training or any other safety training is to ensure employees are able to use equipment safely and effectively when working.

    Proper procedures for conducting a rescue mission

    It’s one thing to read a scripted emergency scenario, it’s a completely different thing to go through a rescue mission drill. Your employees have to learn how to do a proper risk assessment. They also have to learn how to use safety equipment.

    Then, they have to get familiar with all the elements of a successful rescue mission. Lastly, they need to drill and practice the routine in case of an emergency. The proper procedures for conducting a rescue mission have to be trained and drilled several times.

    This includes understanding the use of rescue equipment, such as harnesses and ropes, as well as the importance of having a rescue plan in place.

    Your emergency procedure plan is outdated

    If you need a safety inspection or to consult with certified safety training experts to come up with a refreshed emergency procedure plan, you can hire an expert to help. If you need someone to check whether you have all the right tools and to review your emergency procedures, you can invest in safety training. These experts will conduct their on-site assessment, suggest an improvement plan, and help you implement these changes.

    If you need to double-check whether your business procedures are in line with safety requirements, evaluate all the risks and teach your team how to stay safe when working in a confined space and how to act in case of an emergency, your business can definitely benefit from confined space training.

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