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    Added on 22 November 2022

    4 Creative Ways to Use Telemarketing and Generate More Leads for Your Business

    22 November 2022

    Telemarketing is a type of marketing that involves generating sales by promoting a good or service over the phone. It is a form of direct marketing that enables businesses to communicate with customers, both past and present, directly. Telemarketing can be a valuable tactic for swiftly reaching a large number of individuals. Additionally, it can be a low-cost strategy to market to both current and new customers. Businesses may use telemarketing to attract new clients, close deals, or assist the existing customers.

    Despite the fact that telemarketing has been around for a long time, many clients and companies still see it as a necessary evil. In spite of the fact that telemarketing can be a highly frustrating experience for both the customer and the telemarketer, it can also be a successful method of connecting with clients. Therefore, it is also essential to have a sound understanding on how to attract your customers through telemarketing. You can also check for cold calling scripts for effective telemarketing.

    Many businesses today are seeking several telecommunication services like cloud telephony, IVR, CRM and many more to enhance their business growth.

    Advantages of Telemarketing

    When done properly, telemarketing may be a very effective approach to meet new clients and drive better conversions. It is a form of direct marketing that lets you speak with your target audience and gauge their level of interest in your product or service.

    Numerous advantages of telemarketing include the following:

    • It is a more personal form of marketing that can foster a bond with potential customers.
    • It is cheaply priced and might be a helpful way to connect with your target audience.
    • Telemarketing is a quick way to reach a large number of people.
    • High-quality leads can be obtained from it and pursued throughout the sales process.
    • Telemarketing is a fantastic way to establish relationships with both current and potential customers.

    The Need for Updating Your Telemarketing Database

    An updated list is essential for effective telemarketing. Every business has a list. However, targeting a certain customer or group is made simpler by an updated list. Additionally, it ensures that you focus on the quality rather than wasting time or money contacting people who won't be useful to you in the future. If your list is thorough and correct, your chances of success rise. Telemarketing firms claim that daily call volume is between 400 and 500. Even though your list has been updated, not all of your "contact people" will be available to answer your call. Conversion rates fall between 8% and 10%. If you make a lot of calls every day, your chances of increasing conversions and revenues are higher.

    Creative Ways to Use Telemarketing and Generate More Leads for Your Business

    Now let us look into the 4 creative ways to use telemarketing and generate more leads for your business

    Data Gathering Through Telemarketing

    The biggest reason marketing programmes fail is poor targeting. Furthermore, inaccurate data might also be the cause of poor targeting. If you're planning a sales campaign, it makes sense to ensure the data you're utilizing is accurate. One of the easiest methods to do this is to call the companies, as their job titles could be misleading. You want to be certain that you have the appropriate individuals handling your area of interest. In addition to LinkedIn and other tools, the phone can be used. This is especially important if you're spending money on the sale, such as a costly direct mail piece, and the sale has a high value. Most data brokers only promise an accuracy window of six months for their data. Actually, the likelihood of twelve months is higher. Given that the majority of sectors experience frequent employment turnover, working on your data before you begin makes good business sense.

    Telemarketing for the follow up of inbound leads

    For success, managing incoming queries is crucial. You run the danger of squandering the cash you invested in the campaigns that generated the leads if you don't respond swiftly on them when they come in. It's reasonable to suppose that most other sustainable marketing tactics are extremely passive. You will have to await the response. Most require you to spend money while you wait (and hope) for a response, while some, like PPC and Adwords, are idealistically quite quick (such as when individuals write you an enquiry or you utilize a web tracking tool to observe who comes). Social media can't possibly compete in this space. The more followers and connections you have, the more probable it is that people will share your content, locate it, and get in touch with you. In actuality, it could burn gradually. With other options, that is also somewhat true. Wait till they approach before responding.

    With telemarketing, things are different. You go see them and keep going back until a solution is found. Additionally, it is quite quantitative.

    Once these calls are made, you can follow up with SMS marketing, email marketing and many more. In addition to that, to ensure that you keep your leads engaged as soon as they enter your sales funnel, you can resort to some good sales automation tools. Automating part of your lead gen and sales process can help you speed up the entire process that modern customers just love.

    Telemarketing for Cross Selling

    Most businesspeople place a high value on their time. Sales and customer service employees are typically preoccupied with their current job. They must deal with major and important accounts out of necessity, and those who cry the loudest are heard. However, a sizable portion of customers would normally increase their spending at your business if they knew that you offered those products or services. This is particularly true if they keep buying the same things. A call from a customer support agent might offer brand-new opportunities for cross-selling to the existing customers.

    Telemarketing for Updating Marketing Strategies

    By using telemarketing, you can determine how much your prospects are interested in your products and services. Ask them why they bought your products, what keeps them up at night, and what industry they work in. These insights help you understand your chances better. By doing so, you can determine the level of interest among your consumers over the phone and create a brand-new marketing strategy for your business.You can make changes to your items based on the feedback you get from these calls.

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