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    Explore our wide range of residential tile installations surfaces and see what we have done for clients like you. We are experts in ceramic, marble, granite, and all types of tiling materials and surfaces.

    The perfect tile can make all the difference in your home. Unfortunately, the wrong tile installation partner can also make that perfect tile all but useless if the installation is shoddy or way overpriced. That is why the installer you choose is just as important as the material you select.

    At Easy Touch, we have been helping homeowners craft incredible spaces with tile for decades. Learn more about our residential tiling services in the Denver area and see what we can do for your floors, walls or surfaces.

    At Expert Touch Tiling, we specialize in all types residential tile installation and removal. Our tile services include: Bathroom tile installation and removal, Kitchen tile installation and removal, Exterior tiling work, Backsplashes or wall tiles, Basement tiling, Ceiling tile installation and repair.