Brooks Power Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of Power Distribution Systems, Multiple Outlet Strips, and Surge Suppressors.
    Added on 16 May 2018
    Offers a complete line of Service Entrance Protection with the best combination of strength, performance, and warranty and Dataline services with your facilities. All units are certified to applicable UL standards. Get more information view us at https://bit.ly/2uPtxF2

    Added on 03 May 2018
    We provide Outlet Units in various locations of the world like Uk, Australia, zone countries and many more. The International outlet units are built the units as per the customer's requirements. They are made of heavy Duty BPS Aluminum. Know more about us at https://goo.gl/72KZv3 or call at 800-523-1551.

    Added on 02 May 2018
    Buy power meters to better monitor the total usage and power quality. The Unit can monitor and displays Current draw in Amps (RMS), Voltage in Volts (RMS), Total Power in Watts and Power Factor. The Power Monitor Meter displays single phase current readings as well as 3-phase current readings on 3-phase units. All units are UL Listed to UL60950-1 and FCC approved. Get more information view us at https://goo.gl/hZdKeA

    Added on 19 April 2018
    Brooks Power Systems Power Monitor Meter is available in many series. Brooks Power Systems also offers a complete line of Extruded Aluminum Raceway and Pre-wired Systems. https://goo.gl/xfh4mj

    Added on 10 April 2018
    Our Raceway Systems are available in two series, the 3800 Series and the 4800 Series, both of which share common cover plates for a consistent appearance in your application.

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    Products : Surface Raceway (Listed to UL-5) brookspower.com Brooks Power Systems offers a complete line of Extruded Aluminum Raceway, Service Entrance Protection & Prewired Systems

    Added on 06 April 2018
    Brooks Power Systems HM Series undergoes the most stringent testing to assure continuous, safe operation in any application including #critical #patient care areas in #hospitals, #health care #facilities and #medical buildings/offices
    Special Medical Grade Power Strips | Brookspower brookspower.com Do you require grounding reliability and plug retention? Get the Special Medical Grade Power Strips for critical cave applications. Visit us now!

    Added on 29 March 2018
    The Custom power #distribution #Units is the reliable and robust application that #comes in various varieties as per the voltage required.

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    Large Channel Outlet Units, IEC Outlet Strips in US brookspower.com Reach us online and find International Outlet Strips, IEC Outlet Strips etc. We provide reliable power to racks and cabinet applications.