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Welcome at Brain Excel located in Chandigarh founded by Mr. Rajesh Gupta qualified with Psycho-HR post graduations with refining 35 years of past experience in
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Added on 24 June 2019
Searching out for #Personality #Development #In #Chandigarh
for your children? We will take you towards a leap for your charismatic behaviour and the skills for which people will remember you ever. More @ http://brainexcel.in/soft-skills-training-personality-development-2/

Added on 15 June 2019
Seeking for #Psychotherapy #Consultants #in #Chandigarh with an experienced and co-operating faculty? Pay a visit for booking an appointment at Brain Excel and experience good therapy sessions. More @ http://brainexcel.in/psychotherapy-consultant/

Added on 28 May 2019
The topmost priority is our family and children so, we are open to the best changes for #Child & #Family #Counselling #in #Chandigarh as we believe in creating a strong family bond with our family therapy sessions and group talks.

Added on 22 May 2019
Want to learn soft-spoken skills as a working corporate, or casually? Our #Soft #Skills #Training #In #Chandigarh module provided by our expert team of professionals with certified courses and well-equipped classes. More @ http://brainexcel.in/soft-skills-training-personality-development-2/

Added on 07 May 2019
Hypnotherapy Consultants In Chandigarh | Brain Excel | brainexcel.in Are you worried about your never-ending bad habits and stressed behavior? Relax and take a deep breath for now. Contact us at Brain Excel with the best Hypnothe...

Added on 07 May 2019
Fed up of tackling behaviour loss and complex situations in your life? Here, is what you need – a good dose of Hypnotherapy provided by our experienced #Hypnotherapy #Consultants #in #Chandigarh. More @ http://brainexcel.in/hypnotherapy-consultant/

Added on 01 May 2019
Facing relationship issues and conflicts? Trying hard to keep your relation?
We will save it for you. Just, give us a call for our #Relationship #Counseling services at Brain Excel. More @ http://brainexcel.in/relationship-counseling-2/

Added on 23 April 2019
We are #Behavior #Modification #Consultancy providing you the uttermost benefits to make you swing along with our professional management and self-improvement therapy. We believe in creating differences at Brain Excel. More @ http://brainexcel.in/image-consultancy/

Added on 10 April 2019
Looking for the best corporate training in Chandigarh? Here, welcome at Brain Excel providing you with Time and Stress Management training along with #Personality #Development and Corporate Training needed in your daily life.More @ http://brainexcel.in/corporate-trainings/

Added on 05 April 2019
How to transform your dreams and personal interest to your #solid #career? Here, we provide the right path , or guidance to your career by our #expert #counselors #in #Chandigarh. Counseling will fix up your career.
Career Guidance Counselor In Chandigarh | Brain Excel brainexcel.in How to transform your dreams and personal interest to your solid career? Here, we provide the right path , or guidance to your career by our expert counselors i...