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    Added on 17 February 2022

    How to Monetize Your Lifestyle Blog

    17 February 2022

    Is your lifestyle blog struggling to generate any income? You're not alone.

    Almost 50% of blogs don't make enough revenue to cover costs, so it can be a challenging business venture for most ‒ especially first-timers.

    How can you monetize your lifestyle blog and get ahead of the curve?

    To build a successful blog, you'll need to understand how to use it for your success.

    You may be thinking, "But I've already had my blog for a long time, and it still isn't making any money. How in the world am I supposed to do that?"

    Well, don't worry: there is hope!

    The following are some ideas from first-time bloggers who successfully monetized their blogs.

    1. Set up your website with a great domain

    A lot of people forget or skim over this point, but it's the foundation for your blog.

    When choosing a domain name, you want to make sure that it matches who you are and what kind of content you will be publishing on top of being easy to remember so that visitors can easily find their way back later.

    The key is to create an easily identifiable and trustworthy website for your readers and those advertising with you.

    Bloggers who have done well with monetizing their websites always make sure they secure a great, memorable name first and foremost to get the most out of their audience.

    Your domain name is more than just your blog's foundation; it's also essential for establishing trust among readers. Selecting a domain and pointing it to your blog not only sets up the framework for your website but has many advantages, including increasing SEO ranking and becoming easier to find later on.

    2. Create a social media presence

    It is important to make it apparent to your followers that this is your business.

    Create a bio for these platforms to be found within searches. Make sure they concisely define what you do in one sentence.

    Your audience will most likely search for you on social media.

    It is important to build an organic following of people interested in what you have to offer. So make sure you provide relevant information or content relating to the subject matter at hand when posting, commenting, and liking other posts/pages.

    3. Find a niche that is not oversaturated

    To increase your chances of success, find a set of content not crowded with other bloggers to produce.

    Try and identify niche topics you can cover more extensively than someone else would.

    This will help you stand out from the competition and develop a steady following for your blog.

    4. Market your blog through giveaways and contests to gain followers

    If you want to increase your blog followers and engagement, it's time for a giveaway.

    Running contests on social media is one of the most effective ways to promote new products or brands. With so many people vying for attention online, capturing even just a fraction of this audience can make all the difference in generating business leads and increased revenue from sales.

    Offer something of value to those who enter your contest. This could be anything from a free product or service, experiences such as dinner for two at their favorite restaurant, or even just a personalized message written on the bottom of someone's coffee mug.

    5. Advertise affiliate links for products you use or recommend on your blog

    Working with an affiliate partner can be a great way to make money through blogging.

    You can share different products with your readers, and when they purchase through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

    The process is straightforward and free to sign up with an affiliate partner, and it can help you make a little extra cash while doing something you love.

    6. Sell advertising space to companies

    Nowadays, companies are always seeking new avenues in which they can reach out to potential customers.

    Blogs have become hugely popular over recent years because they offer readers valuable information about certain topics that interest them.

    Advertising on blogs provides companies with access to this demographic and the opportunity for their message or product/service offerings to be seen by millions of people who visit these sites every day.

    7. Set up Google Adsense

    Google Adsense ads are considered to be the most profitable form of advertising, and blogs that offer these types of services typically make upwards of $100K per year.

    Setting up Google Adsense on your site means you can have a blog with no upfront costs or risk involved for yourself (or at least very little).

    When signing up for Google AdSense, carefully consider the types of ads that will most suit your site's content.

    AdSense users are paid according to clicks and impressions on their ads. Pros with too many ad blockers see an incredible drop in revenue, while others see a spike!

    We've seen that bloggers who rely primarily on AdSense as their main source of income typically fall into two categories: those receiving minimal click-through rates and jumping at a bit above average and those with high click-through rates.

    Bloggers in the lower category need to make sure they're targeting their ads for maximum reach and that ads are being served on pages where readers will be most likely to interact with them.

    For bloggers who fall into the higher category, it's important to make sure the ads they are targeting have high click-through rates, and those clicks are being converted into a revenue stream.

    Making adjustments to these factors can help bloggers succeed in monetizing their lifestyle blog!

    8. Create an email list to market your content

    With a high degree of consistency, email marketing is one of the best methods for earning money from a blog.

    The best email marketing platforms, like MailChimp or Constant Contact, provide helpful features and easy-to-use templates to make your life a whole lot easier. You can even create an automated campaign that will send out emails as you publish new posts on your blog (or if certain milestones are reached).

    It’s never too early to start building up the list of subscribers who might one day become customers!

    9. Create Your Own Digital Products

    Creating digital products is a good way to increase the profitability of your blog. These can include eBooks, websites, or membership sites for loyal readers and customers.

    Not only will you be able to generate new revenue streams from using these resources, but you also have direct connections with people who want what you're selling!


    Lifestyle blogging is a creative outlet for many people, and with some perseverance, you can turn this hobby into an income-generating business.

    You might not be able to make money with your blog overnight, but if you put in the time and work hard every day, there's a good chance that it'll eventually come.

    Think big or think small, but never stop planning. Maintaining a plan will inevitably achieve the desired goal.

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