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    Added on 08 September
    5 Ways in Which You Can Avoid Plagiarism in Your Blogs We know writing a blog was never an easy task. It takes such a long time to surf the internet and brainstorm ideas to present your idea in the most unique way possible.

    Added on 17 May
    Gina Trapani – World’s Richest Female Blogger and Tech-preneur seowebfirm.com When we talk about the best tech writer and blogger, Gina Trapani is the famous name one can rely on. From a writer to enterpreneur, she did everything to the best she can deliver.

    Added on 16 April
    How to Build a Successful Niche Website in 2022 + Make $5000+ A Month nichepursuits.com Learn how to build a niche website that makes over $5,000 per month. Get niche ideas, keyword research, and much more.

    Added on 16 April
    How To Buy A Blog in 9 Easy Steps [Everything You Need to Know in 2022] nichepursuits.com Learn how to buy a blog and avoid getting ripped off. Get everything you need to know about buying a blog in this step-by-step guide!

    Added on 16 April
    Ted French Made $200,000 in 1 Year Using This Aged Domain Strategy nichepursuits.com Ted French shares a ton of awesome tips on the Niche Pursuits podcast. Including how he sold a site built on an aged domain for $200,000.

    Added on 05 April
    5 Ways to Boost Blog Traffic and Performance Organic search is mandatory to drive enough traffic to the website. Business owners want to keep the site on the search engine result page and attract more customers.

    Added on 17 February
    How to Monetize Your Lifestyle Blog Almost 50% of blogs don't make enough revenue to cover costs, so it can be a challenging business venture for most ‒ especially first-timers.

    Added on 21 December 2021
    Tips to Teach You The Ins And Outs of Blogging If you are looking to start a blog within 20 minutes this article sure will help you building a great website for your audience.

    Added on 20 October 2021
    The world's 50 most powerful blogs theguardian.com From Prince Harry in Afghanistan to Tom Cruise ranting about Scientology, blogging has never been bigger

    Added on 12 October 2021
    What It's Like To Be A Beauty Influencer Over The Age Of 45 huffpost.com Seven women discuss the challenges of finding work and feeling valued in an industry that values youth above all else.