Business Integrity Services

  • 504 N. Reo Street, Tampa,FL
Established in 2019, Business Integrity Services (BIS) was founded to meet the growing demands of a large healthcare company’s back office support needs.
  • Business Integrity Services
  • 504 N. Reo Street, Tampa,FL
8:00 am - 3:30 am
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The revenue cycle is the lifeblood of any healthcare organization. Learn how to identify and implement strategies for optimizing your revenue cycle.

4 Key Strategies to Improve Revenue Cycle Management Optimization businessintegrityservices.com In healthcare, revenue cycle optimization is a critical component in the success of any organization.Learn how to identify and implement revenue cycle optimization strategies.

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Learn more about the challenges of Revenue Cycle Management and how to overcome them.

Top 6 Revenue Cycle Management Challenges in Healthcare businessintegrityservices.com Find out why healthcare revenue cycle management has become more difficult, and how to overcome these challenges.

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Why is medical billing outsourcing so important?

The shortage of medical professionals means that many healthcare providers are reducing or eliminating their overall administrative staff to cut costs. This means that they've reduced the number of staff members, and have increased the volume of service they can provide. And the volume of services is increasing. Patients are receiving more services that have higher fees, but this doesn't always translate to better care. A December 2017 study by the National Patient