Added on 11 September 2018
    BioBag Bins and Bags Product Stocks

    BioBag certified compostable bags, sacks & liners and MaxAir caddy bins are available from the Irish BioBag stockists listed below. BioBag is delighted to announce that the UK’s favourite online supermarket Ocado is now stocking BioBag for delivery in the UK.
    BioBag News | BioBag biobag.ie BIOBAG STOCKISTS, Compostable, biodegradable bags, liners and refuse sacks. Available in Dunnes Stores, SuperValu & leading independent Irish retailers.

    Added on 31 August 2018
    Resealable Food Storage Compostable Bags | Eco Bag Supplier Ireland biobag.ie Bag is the resealable food storage bags supplier in Ireland and UK. Completely compostable and food storage to keep food fresh in your home or on the go.

    Added on 29 August 2018
    BioBag Resealable Sandwich Bags (50 Bags) | BioBag biobag.ie BioBag resealable sandwich bags are completely compostable and perfect for eating on the go at work, school, travel, picnics and the beach.

    Added on 27 August 2018
    BioBag Dog Waste Bags * Box of 4 Rolls (200 Bags) | BioBag biobag.ie BoBag dog waste bags. The compostable and biodegredable alternative to plastic bags to clean up affer your pet. Will break down in 40 days.

    Added on 23 August 2018
    BioBag Wheelie Bin Liner can be used in your Brown/Organic Waste Bin keeping it clean and dry between collections. Never worry about dirty, smelly, unhygienic bins again, A BioBag acts as an effective barrier to bacteria, viruses, spores and moulds keeping your bin clean and free of nasties.https://biobag.ie/shop/biobag-compostable-bags-140litre/
    BioBag Wheelie Bin Liner 140 Litre* Box of 4 Rolls (20 Bags) | BioBag biobag.ie BioBag 140L compostable refuse bags are suitable for large organic waste bins and are accepted by all waste collection companies. Replace after emptying.

    Added on 20 August 2018
    MaxAir Caddy has ventilation slots on all sides, including the lid. When a breathable BioBag bag is used in the MaxAir Caddy, moisture from waste food can evaporate. This keeps the contents odour free and eliminates mould and mildew almost completely. https://biobag.ie/shop/biobag-maxair-caddy/
    BioBag MaxAir Ventilated Kitchen Compost Caddy & Starter Roll of Bags | BioBag biobag.ie Collect food waste in the kitchen the clean and easy way with the BioBag MaxAir Caddy. Line with a compostable 10L BioBag.

    Added on 17 August 2018
    BioBag 60 Litre bag is suitable for large kitchen bins and built-in kitchen waste sorting systems. https://biobag.ie/shop/biobag_60_litre_bag_compostable/
    BioBag 60 Litre * Box of 4 Rolls (40 Bags) | BioBag biobag.ie BioBag 60 Litre bag is made from vegetable starch and is 100% compostable. BioBag provides clean and environmentally friendly solutions for food recycling

    Added on 09 August 2018
    Food waste dries out in the BioBag MaxAirCaddy, as air can circulate freely through the lid and sides. This helps to keep your Brown/Organic bin clean and dry.
    BioBag 10 Litre * Box of 5 Rolls (100 Bags) | BioBag biobag.ie BioBag 10 Litre compostable bags for food waste. Fit household bins and kitchen food waste caddys. Easy to use and environmentally friendly.

    Added on 07 August 2018
    The BioBag 8 Litre bag is a great fit for small food bins and kitchen caddy bins. We recommend that you use the BioBag 8 Litre bag with our handy little, ventilated, food-recycling caddy for under your sink or on your countertop. https://biobag.ie/shop/biobag-8litre-box-5-rolls-30-bags-per-roll/
    BioBag 8 Litre * Box of 5 Rolls (150 Bags) | BioBag biobag.ie BioBag 8Litre compostable bags for food waste. Fit household bins and kitchen food waste caddys. Easy to use and environmentally friendly.

    Added on 25 July 2018
    BioBag is a world-leading company in the development, production, and marketing of
    certified compostable and biodegradable products. https://biobag.ie/about-biobag/