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At Bild we are experts at rigging stretch tents at your home for the perfect private party.
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At Bild we are experts at rigging stretch tents at your home for the perfect private party. A stretch tent is a stylish alternative to a marquee that can really define a space and help to create a memorable night for a special occasion.
Added on 14 June 2022
At BILD Structures, Wedding canopy tent is a must-have at any wedding. It provides beauty, accuracy, and flexibility for both ceremony and reception. With utmost quality in mind, our systems combine high-end steel with handcrafted components that make your day a memorable one. For more details, visit BILD Structures website! https://www.bildstructures.ie/events-weddings-planner

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Added on 08 June 2022
Are you looking for Marquee Hire in Dublin? Marquees are a great way to host parties or events. Marquees are great for outdoor events such as weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. They're also perfect for indoor events like corporate meetings, conferences, and seminars. BILD Structures is a leading supplier, offering a full range of marquees of various sizes. Look no further than us! We provide high-quality services at affordable prices. Click here:- https://www.bildstructures.ie/stretch-tent-hire-marquee-dublin/

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Added on 06 June 2022
BILD Structures is a Event Organizer Company based in Dublin, Ireland. We provide mezzanine structures for private bars and commercial cooking areas & parties. We also custom design, fabricate and install mezzanine floors for pubs, restaurants & nightclubs all over Ireland. With over 20 years experience in the construction industry, BILD can offer competitive quotes on projects of all sizes. Click here:- https://www.bildstructures.ie

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Added on 19 May 2022
BILD Tents & Structures is a full-service, one-stop for the Mezzanine in Dublin. Our hands-on team provides structure design and build, custom stretch tent canopies, in-house design and concept development, set building, Temporary Outdoor Solution and event production services. We make the best use of your space with unique modular systems – designed to meet your project specifications - including lounges, bars, stages and more. https://www.bildstructures.ie/structure-modular-mezzanine-activation-container

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Creative Marquee, Mezzanine, Courtyard Canopy Hire in Dublin | BILD Tents & Structures bildstructures.ie BILD Tents & Structures specializes in creating outstanding structural solutions for the event, hospitality, and residential sectors. Contact us now to hire Mar...

Added on 12 May 2022
Bild Structure is a garden design and build service based in Dublin. We take care of the entire process from developing your initial ideas, through to creating a design solution and overseeing its installation. Our team of qualified tradesmen work with you to select suitable materials and create unique features such as a minimal modern courtyard canopy with geometric frame! For more details, visit our website! https://www.bildstructures.ie/structure-modular-mezzanine-activation-container
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Added on 05 May 2022
BILD Structures is here to help you make your event run as smoothly as possible and with our expertise and experience, we can give you the perfect venue for your special occasion. We are the Wedding planner in dublin. We offer a full range of services including venue scouting, catering, marquee hire, and decorations that will transform your venue into an unforgettable setting.

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Added on 27 April 2022
At Bild Structure, Designed for temporary or non-permanent shading applications, our canopies are available as pop-up or permanent structures. They provide a warm and secure environment for pets or people, and offer an excellent solution when a building is undergoing remodeling or repair. Our canopies have a wide variety of parts and accessories that can be used to provide firm foundations and proper fittings. Click here:- https://www.bildstructures.ie/stretch-tent-hire-marquee-dublin-2/

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Added on 25 April 2022
Event organizers Dublin, Mostly business requires a comfortable outdoor covered space solution for celebrating events that require holding large size gatherings in one place. Installing and setting up an outdoor space can be laborious and time-consuming. Bild Tents & Structures is an company which help event organizer companies and provide tents and event supplies so the event can go smoothly, including installation of outdoor structures. Start with us and save more on your next event. Click here:- https://www.bildstructures.ie

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Added on 20 April 2022
BILD Tent & Structures offers permanent and semi outdoor solutions for tenting. Our stretch tents combine the best quality material and innovation to let you enjoy your outdoor space perfectly. For more information, click here:- https://www.bildstructures.ie

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Added on 09 March 2022
At Bild Structure, hosting the perfect party isn’t easy. With a million and one things to do, from choosing the best venue to finding the perfect entertainment, and delicious food & drinks, it’s enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out! This is why a lot of people choose to hire an event organiser, who will take all of that responsibility off your shoulders and plan your event for you. Wedding planning, corporate event planning and Party Planning
Outdoor Dining & Retail Solutions Company in Dublin | Bild Tents & Structures bildstructures.ie BILD Tents & Structures is a Dublin based event and party organizer company that strives to provide an unforgettable experience to its clients. We are space spe...