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  • AL Karama, Dubai UAE, P.O. Box 49615
Added on 21 June 2019

How to Find Good Indian Vegetarian Restaurants in Dubai?

21 June 2019

Indian vegetarian food is very popular in many parts of the world. The food has an amazing taste and cooked with a variety of spices. Each Indian vegetarian dish has its own specialty and is embedded with the state's culture such as Pav bhaji of Maharashtra, dhokla and khandvi of Gujarat, Idli and sambhar from Kerala, Punjabi chole of Punjab, Kashmiri Pulav of Jammu and Kashmir and many more. The popularity of Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai and in other countries is also rising. The amazing taste of Indian food is attracting a large number of foreigners. The right amount of spices and the perfect ingredients adds more taste to the various Indian food flavors.

How to find good Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai?

Dubai is a huge city that welcomes a large number of visitors all year round. Also, people from India visit Dubai due to various reasons such as vacations, business meeting, studies, etc. There are many Indians who prefer only vegetarian Indian food even in other countries. As the commutation from India to Dubai is quite large, there are available many Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai to serve their neighbour Indians and many vegetarian lovers. This article helps you with certain essential tips if you are finding an Indian vegetarian restaurant in the city.

  • Ask referrals: Asking residents who are living in Dubai can be a good idea to find a vegetarian Indian restaurant. People living in Dubai from a long time know much about the available restaurants and the type of food they serve. They can help you with a variety of available vegetarian places to eat.

  • Online food portals: You can search for a good Indian vegetarian restaurant through various Dubai food portals such as Talabat, chat food, easy dinner, and others to know about the Indian restaurants available in different areas of the city. You can choose the restaurant for home delivery, take away, dining, etc.

  • Online search: The internet is quite vast and can be searched to check the available list of Indian vegetarian restaurants in Dubai according to customer reviews, ratings, type of food, price, locality, etc.

If you are visiting Dubai, you can get an amazing variety of Indian vegetarian food.


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