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Balco Pipes is one of the top PVC pipe manufacturers in Kerala. Established in 1991, by producing Rigid PVC Electrical pipes with international standards, Balco established its position in the PVC pipe industry with a wide range of conduits. Renowned as the first company to receive ISI certification in electrical conduit manufacturing in Kerala, Balco has a legacy and good reputation for delivering world-class conduit solutions for more than 3 decades. Apart from the ISI certification, Balco products hold the ISO 9000: 2015 certification and maintain superior quality in its diverse PVC products. Our solutions are a combination of innovation and the latest technology blended with superior customer service, providing the industry's most sophisticated and diverse products in PVC.

Our Products:
Rigid PVC Electric Conduits, UPVC Pipes, Rigid PVC Electrical Conduit Fittings, Solvent Cements & Garden Hoses
Added on 28 February
#Balco rigid electrical conduits are non-inflammable in nature and are the first to have ISI certification in Kerala. It is non-destructive in nature and resistant to chemical erosion. Assure safety with Balco conduits.

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