Paterson Car Donation

    • Donation Center, Used Cars Dealer.
    • 583 Broadway, suite 15B
      Paterson, NJ 07514, UNITED STATES


    You’ve been looking at that old and inoperable car in your driveway or on your street for months. It no longer works and is costing you more money in insurance payments each month. Rather than continue to bleed money on a car you can’t drive or that no longer works for your lifestyle, consider donating your unwanted vehicle to Paterson, NJ Car donation today. Your donation will go toward paying for education for children with limited means without you having to lift a finger (except for dialing the phone). Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives are waiting to guide you through the process. Call Paterson, NJ Car Donation today to make a free, tax-deductible donation.

    We understand that even know you may not need or even want your car or truck anymore, you still may be reluctant to donate it to just any organization and want to know where your donation goes. Paterson, NJ Car Donation serves all of Paterson, NJ and surrounding communities. Call us today to see if we can pick a vehicle in your area.

    The reality is that you’re not going to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get your broken vehicle fixed only to have to do it again in a few months. Organizations like Paterson Car Donation give you the opportunity to easily and affordably dispose of your unwanted vehicle while making a true difference in the life of a child that very much needs it. We are exceedingly proud of our legacy of helping children all over world.