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We are taxi service in Aruba and offer the best services for our customers
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We are taxi service in Aruba and offer the best services for our customers


We are taxi service in Aruba and offer the best services for our customers. We have vehicles for all purposes; we have taxis that can transport you within the town. And we have vans that can take you out of town as a group and other types of vehicles such as limousines for events. We have highly trained drivers that will serve you with high levels of dignity and integrity. There are non-shared rides and shared rides, and you do not have to deal with public transport. You are picked up from your location and dropped off at your preferred destination.
Why should you contact us?
We have the cheapest options for you here in Aruba with high-quality services. We have competitive prices and clean vehicles. Our vehicles are kept in good condition throughout. You can never find any parasites in our vehicles, and we ensure that the seats are cleaned thoroughly to remove any dirt that can accumulate to be a breeding site for parasites. We service our vehicles regularly, and therefore you are assured that our taxis cannot have mechanical issues en route. For our services, you need to order and provide certain information so that we can arrange your ride. Your ride can have a driver or you can hire a vehicle for your use. Our drivers are highly trained in handling customers, and we don't rush anyone. We pick you on time and ensure that efficiency and effectiveness are our core principles. We respect your privacy, and thus any information with us on your rides cannot be shared with anyone else apart from when you authorize it. Aruba taxi service ensures that you are comfortable on our rides, and your security and safety are of high importance.
Why you should ride with us
Our drivers, drive within the stipulated limits by the government. We do not over speed, our vehicles are insured and there is third-party insurance that ensures that our customers are covered. We have all the necessary safety equipment in our vehicles such as a first aid kit, and fire extinguishers. You should ride with us since our services surpass all others in terms of efficiency, convenience, and quality. Our services are first class, and we compare to no other taxi services here in Aruba. We do not overcharge you even when you do not know your destination like other cab services does.