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    TheArtGorgeous bring the best of the art crowd and fashion into one new and unique online editorial and offers a glimpse into the creative minds and style essentials of some of the art world's most exciting More
    Added on 25 June 2018
    Find the #art #jobs in Los Angeles that you will love only at #TheArtGorgeous – the global marketplace for art and creative talents. From internship opportunities to part-time and full-time job offers, find it all here. Visit https://theartgorgeous.com/careers to apply for your dream job now.

    Added on 18 June 2018
    There are role models that we look up to when it comes to ideas, values, and also, way of life. Beyoncé has touched millions of hearts with her songs and visual #art in her #videos. From deep and empowering lyrics to strong stage presence, there is much more of Beyoncé to be discovered. Know more about the #Beyonceart at The Art Gorgeous. For more Get in touch with us : - https://bit.ly/2yjcVaU

    Added on 12 June 2018
    If you are searching for The National #ArtGallery houses and legendary artists then The Art Gorgeous is here for you, here you can find out the #art collection by #Louis #Vuitton #Koons. See more at http://www.theartgorgeous.com/jeff-koons-re-masters-louis-vuitton/

    Added on 29 May 2018
    Browse the amazing collection of #Gucci #Art at The Art Gorgeous, there is a huge collection of art, entertainment, magazines and other artistic things or art galleries around London. See more at http://www.theartgorgeous.com/gucci-goes-woof/
    Gucci Goes Woof | TheArtGorgeous theartgorgeous.com And celebrates the Year of the Dog with a furry capsule.

    Added on 10 May 2018
    Cao Fei is a Chinese multimedia artist #CaoFei Fuses Ancient Tradition and virtual reality with the Art Gorgeous also follow various collaborations with the artists including #SwizzBeatz #LouisVuittonKoons #Gucciart or #Rihannaart. For more Get in touch with us.http://www.theartgorgeous.com/cao-fei/
    Cao Fei, Chinese multi media Artist - An exclusive interview theartgorgeous.com Style Talk with Cao Fei. Wunderkind artist who is creating the next BMW art car. We talk style, art & get a glimpse into the artist's life.

    Added on 03 May 2018
    Who said fashion wasn't art? See the best #Artandfashion #collaborations in London new York. Visit the Art Gorgoeus & also follow us on twitter Instagram ,. Feel Free to visit our site. https://bit.ly/2IvlZKF

    Added on 27 April 2018
    Art Girl’s Fax invite a friend to share the love. Here 7 #womanArtist who deserve Hollywood stars with TheArtGorgeous. here are the best #Art&Fashion Collaborations see more at our site. https://bit.ly/2KhWIEx

    Added on 18 April 2018
    Are you Looking for the perfect #RihannaArt? Here find best Rohanna Art From the art gorgeous Rihanna Reveals 'Kiss It Better' & 'Needed Me for more visit our site. http://www.theartgorgeous.com/the-art-of-rihanna/
    Cheat Sheet: Art X Rihanna | TheArtGorgeous theartgorgeous.com Yesterday this photo of Rihanna alias @badgirlriri flooded social media depicting the pop queen covered in clothes by fashion world's wunderkind Virgil Abloh's ...

    Added on 13 April 2018
    See latest #JeffKoons and Louis Vuitton collaborations Louis Vuitton is collaborating with famed and Jeff Koons on a new range of bags or more accessories for see more collections here visit TheArtGorgeous.also Follow us on Twitter Instagram.http://www.theartgorgeous.com/jeff-koons-fashion-collaborations/
    Jeff Koons’ Fashion Collaborations | TheArtGorgeous theartgorgeous.com Jeff Koon is one of the world’s highest valued contemporary artists. His work combines high art with mass media to achieve a brilliant blend of aesthetics and...

    Added on 05 April 2018
    Best of Art Crowd & Fashion with The Art Gorgeous Visit for more: https://www.facebook.com/Lumicharge-124496344724775/
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