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We at archetypen are committed to providing outstanding home improvement products like tables, chairs, and other furnitures that has been ruling the world since their inception. At our store, we house More


Added on 29 September 2021
Treasure chest CHF 88 .31 The boy's dream in the practical box format has its memorable origin in the 16th

Added on 14 September 2021
Embru Moser armchair model 1435 3729 .65 The Embru 1435 armchair with seat frame adjustment was first launched as part of the 80th design anniversary for the in-house collection of the traditional Zurich interior designer. The need for housing played a pacemaker function in the spread of modern living in this country and therefore has a special position among Swiss furniture stores to this day .

Added on 26 August 2021
Tripolina Chair Fenby Armchair * CHF 688 .20 The rudimentary hunter's chair embodies the most original type of seating furniture - for a long time without relieving the back. The British inventor J. Fenby patented the first armchair with a foldable backrest based on this original type.

Added on 13 August 2021
Wishbone Chair CH24 Wegner Carl Hansen CHF 635 The iconic Wishbone Chair Wegner designed by Hans Wegner in 1949 remains a classic to this day and holds a special place in the world of modern design chairs.

Added on 27 July 2021
Fritz Hansen® Egg Chair 3316 CHF 5104 Discover high-quality and durable Fritz Hansen egg chair at archetypen.ch.

Added on 19 July 2021
Hardoy Chair Butterfly Chair BKF CHF 733 The Butterfly Chair was developed by the Austral archi- tectural group (including J. Hardoy ) in Buenos Aires. Inspired by the heyday of tubular steel furniture in Europe in the 1930s, they transferred its principle to the above-mentioned wooden chair type.

Added on 12 July 2021
Minisosia D23 box lamp Castaldi CHF 829 Castaldi's Minisosia lamp (reflector diameter 30cm) is the civil adaptation of the legendary and powerful Sosia lamp (D = 42cm), which at the time set the standard for the extremely powerful gas discharge Defined luminaire that corresponds to the state of the art in terms of output / light yield.